30 days


  1. Glass of warm water
  2. Peach flavored green tea
  3. 2nd glass of warm water
  4. Nature Valley – Trail mix bar
  5. 3rd glass of water
  6. Hazelnut coffee
  7. Salad – 1 can of kidney beans, tomato, 8 broccoli florets, 1 tsp of light kantalina dressing
  8. 4th glass of water
  9. 1/2 cup of rice + tomato daal
  10. 1 samosa  (and I picked out all potato) * the husband forced me, I swear! 😐 
  11. 1/4 cup of coffee
  12. 7 layer burrito
  13. 5th glass of water
  14. 1/2 cup of rice + gongura pachadi. *I couldn’t resist after coming home at 10.30 and seeing this made fresh 🙁
  15. 6th glass of water 

No exercise today. Will do so in the morning at 6 am. Instead I drove 22 miles 6 times. Yes, you heard me right. I drove 22 miles up to work, and then back. Then again I picked the ids up and drove 22 miles in a different direction to drop them at this High school where the Model UN conference was taking place. Came back home. Then again, drove down 15 miles same direction, for a dance practice that’s started off for the Jan event. Continued on and picked the kids up and drove back home with a quick stop at Taco bell for a late dinner/snack the kids wanted. The poor things have a hectic long day and this convo ought be replayed for effect:

Son: These organizers are crazy! They let us off at 9.30, they know we can’t expect to have a decent dinner at 4.30 an now of course we can’t eat much at this late hour, and then they expect us to drive back again and be here at 9? Argh” 

Daughter *in her mature bossy older sister voice*: Dude, how old are you again? Suck it up kiddo, you aren’t in elementary school. This is middle and high school. You saying, 8 hours of sleep isn’t enough for you? High schoolers don’t even get 6 straight hours!

Son: “Yeah, well, when I get to high school, I’ll be that way. right now, am in 7th grade, a boy needs his sleep

Daughter rolling her eyes: “Baby!” 

Son: “Yes, I am! Aren’t I Mom?”

Mom: “Sure you are baby!” 

With that we opened the garage and dragged our feet in and after a tattling briefing to the reposing dad, they go up to bed, while I hammer this piece down. 

Toodles. Nope, not counting calories. This week looks bleak.

Ah well, I still have 30 days!

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