29 days

This feels like a countdown of a bad imitation of some gigantic meteor hitting the earth kinda movie. Apart from rising panic and chaos ensuing through the time, the major work gets done only in the last few minutes or hour as the case may be. Unfortunately however my weight drop will not be boiled down to such. The difference will stop here. Unless of course I go get a liposuction done or some such crazy thing that the celebrities pull especially once they pop that baby out!

In any case, someone complained and did a post saying that what I consider what am ingesting everyday blogworthy! Despite the blogger who also happens to be a good friend said so in good humor, he has a point. Of course it isn’t. Blogworthy in the true readable sense I mean. I feel like pulling the usual “it’s my blog, I’ll do what I want, write what I feel” line, which I still will, but I’d also like to add that somewhere along the line of maintaining a blog, there is another audience one panders to, apart from one’s own mind.

I could very well move the intakes, calorie counts etc into the mycaloriecounter I log into, but the whole point of this exercise was to be accountable. Putting things out in the open just urges one to be responsible to oneself. The ease matters too. I’d rather have it all under one roof than multiple logins and let it go on record that I hate passwords. I figured no one really cared about these countdown posts and pwd protected them, and then folks complained and demanded to read what I ate everyday (so it would help them in turn and I complied).

Well, one can’t please all camps, so I shall ultimately do what works for me. This blog has always maintained that notion and I don’t see any reason why it should change now. 🙂

So here goes:

  1. Glass of warm water
  2. Coffee
  3. Oatmeal + 2 spoons fat free yogurt
  4. 2nd glass of water
  5. 3rd glass of water
  6. 1 cup of tamarind rice mom made
  7. 4th glass of water
  8. 5th glass of water
  9. Oatmeal + 2 spoons of yogurt
  10. 1/2 samosa shell no filling
  11. 6th glass of water
  12. 2 crackers + artichoke spinach dip + 8 blueberries
  13. glass of red wine
  14. 7th glass of water
  15. small roll of bread + salad + stewed veggies + 1/2 cup of penne pasta
  16. desserts – O Lord the desserts (ate a spoon each of coffee cake, raspberry vanilla sponge cake and some other ridiculously sinfully loaded yet delicious cake)
  17. 1/2 cup of coffee
  18. 8th glass of water
  19. glass of some concoction the bartender brewed up for me. *post coming
  20. 9th glass of water

I did go to the gym in the afternoon and upped the level to 5. Biked for 20 minutes (no HIIT) at level 5, elliptical at level 2 for 10 minutes. All upper body weights at 40-50 lbs, and abs and leg press and lift at 60-70 lbs. Enjoyed the workout.

Came home, got dressed and went for the husband’s office holiday party. The last we went was 6 years ago when the parents were here to be babysitters, and this year since they were here, we went again. It’s the usual, talk to the desis, clap for CIO’s funny poem, (it was relevant and funny in fact), eat, and eat more and then go over and lose fake money at the Casion setup, and watch some brave and romantic souls dance and come home tired on doing nothing, but hungry as hell, since basically vegetarians are the poor saps of any events. That penne pasta – it was exactly like how I made it. That statement stands on its own and can be interpreted as you please.

No idea on calories, but it’s way past 1500 am sure. Those cake pieces alone must be 2000 each. *sigh. They were good tho’. Tasted rich yet not the kind that you’d throw up with the saccharine levels. What felt good about me me most was that I am limiting my quantities well and am squeezing in as much movement/workout as possible.

And oh yes, four friends/acquaintances who haven’t seen me in a few weeks said soem nice things. The words “toned”, “looking good”, “lost weight” and “very nice” figured. I guess black is slimming after all 😉

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  1. says: naren

    “Nice figure” reminded me of this old limerick that Sheela is fond of quoting whenever I refer to my figure.

    There was an old man from Antigua
    Whose wife said “Oh what a pigua”
    Said he “O my queen
    Is it manners you mean
    Or are you refering to my figua”

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