28 days

28 days left: 

Sunday has been extensively busy. Just as Saturday was, the day went by fine with me limiting my portions and eating a late lunch after surviving on 2 glasses of water, a cup of coffee and whole wheat almond butter/grape jelly sandwich. Afternoon was some good hearty desi chai. Son had his friends over and I am very proud to say that I sat there at Cici’s pizza absorbing the sights, sounds and smells of some delicious food and despite bordering on hunger after 5 hours of nothing solid, I refrained from attacking the son’s plate. Nope, I did’nt even eat the cake he cut. 

You know the interesting part? The urge has decreased considerably. 

That statement worries me to an extent. Like perhaps am a ‘fake saint’ and one day the real glutton will pop out when least expected. 

Dinner was at our very good friend’s place. The lady was throwing a surprise birthday party for her husband. She is an amazing cook and an authentic andhra one at that. Eating at her place is like being allowed into the gateways of heaven. There is a sublime quality to her simplest of foods, comforting and simple. The kind that warms your insides and spreads a joy and satiety into your heart. 

Some people just have it in them. I also believe that no matter how good a cook a person is, the special taste or flavor that gets seeped into the vegetables, spices and gravy is one that comes from the cook’s heart and mind. Kindred, large hearted and the one who always manages to see the goodness in others no matter the situation, those are the comfort-cooks. I’ve seen it only with a  few and they are definitely a rare species.

I also believe in the notion that no matter what the dish, simple or complicated, the motivation behind the preparation decides its final taste. It’s the love and affection that seeps unknowingly through the fingers into the pot. Yesterday’s spread was excellent beyond par for this reason too, am sure.

They make a great couple and started their life as childhood friends and neighbors from as small an age as they could remember. It’s endearing and special. Rare and fortunate are those who can experience that. 

As far as workout went, I danced a bit in the morning. Nothing sweatable, but enough for the legs to feel it. I tried escaping to the gym in the afternoon and got the o-u-don’t-care-about-us look from the husband and well, I let the waters be calm.

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