Copious and Clear, Goat Cheese Recipe { #atozchallenge }

Fried Goat cheese salad - vegketobyrads

This is letter C of the #AtoZChallenge for this month of April 2017.

This is a tough one. Which C does one write about?

Should I write about coconut oil and coconut (fresh and dried) and the coconut flour that I have now started using to cheer me along?

Do I write about cabbage and how easy it is to cook and filled with fiber for a low-carb meal, or do I speak about why carbs are being shunned by the diet and why carbs are not all so bad depending on the KIND of carb they are (wow, aren’t we being all judgy now?)

Do I write about cheese? The holy grail of keto diet. How much I love cheese and the varieties one can get in the regular store forget the gourmet ones at pricier grocers? Maybe I should write about calories and how we must maintain a balance between calories, the hunger, and the macros while making sure we get all the nutrients? Oh wait, I know! I’ll write about cauliflower and how fabulous cauliflower rice is!

Or maybe I should let this all go and just write about achieving inner calm and composure and how we are each responsible for our own causes and how we hold onto crutches without realizing it. The chutzpah with which we create scenarios in our head to stay captive and all the while holding onto the key that will release us from that cell. Maybe I should chuck this all and write about my love for the camera, and how much I enjoy capturing cats and cuddles alike. Maybe I should just clear all that I’ve typed so far and just write about how each of our capacity to extend the limits of our consciousness is bound by the confirmations and conditioning we have been curated with since childhood. 


Or maybe I will just let this all go and just write up a good nice recipe that I have enjoyed since I’ve started low-carb diet a year ago.






Goat cheese is sour coz of the fatty acids it contains. Wiki has a nice listing of cheeses by the region at least for starters. Because of its tartness, it is an acquired taste and even then not all brands and kinds are a hit with everyone. I hated it when I tried it a few years ago. Then I tried some at a wine tasting a few months ago and I am now a convert!

Whole Foods and Wegmans are the stores I pick up and try small packs of differently flavored goat cheeses and it’s been good so far. The ones with cranberries in it are my favorite! Fig too.

This is what I picked up this evening and it has that subtle garlic taste and it disappears within a few minutes. It also added a dimension to the tart taste.

Fried goat chees salad vegketobyrads

This recipe is adapted from Pioneer Woman’s recipe.

I did leave the cheese for about 15 minutes in the freezer to help get the cheese a little more firm. Longer it stays the better I suppose, but I was hungry and I wanted to get cracking. So I cut small pieces and then rolled them out into tiny marble sized balls and flattened them a wee bit. Dusted them in coconut flour. Dipped them into egg wash(1 egg beaten nicely with a few tbsp of water, so it thins down), and then re-dusted them in coconut flour.

In a pan with 2-3 tbsp of oil, I shallow fried the flattened goat cheese balls in medium heat, so the nice brown crust forms and also the cheese stays together and doesn’t wilt under that heat.

Lifted them up into a bed of spinach and strawberries. I added just a wee bit of coconut spiced vinegar dressing and gosh, I LOVE the cheese! It’s crispy, has the right flavor, and develops a lovely thick crunch to it. I most definitely will be making this more often.

Fried goat cheese salad vegketobyrads

You could always use different greens and maybe even cucumber instead of fruit, but nothing too strong and too many. The cheese is best eaten without too many flavors messing with it.


Low Carb vegetables that start with C 🙂

  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Celery
  • Bok Choy
  • Cucumbers

I’ve posted a recipe in each on the blog here and also on my instagram, so check them out if you’d like.

Let me know if you’d made this salad, and how it turns!


This is part of the #AtoZchallenge where I am posting a recipe a day mostly related to Keto or the low carb diet. If you are new and here the first time, these are the earlier posts:

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