UPDATE – March 27th 2007

Usually Washington Post is right up there being witty on current issues and it’s no surprise that they’ve caught up with Sanjaya in Style today.

We want to run our collective fingers through the versatile tresses of “American Idol” hair god Sanjaya Malakar. One night they’re fluffy; the next, flat. One night, spiral curls; the next, pin-straight. We couldn’t really focus on last week’s mediocre rendition of “You Really Got Me” for dreaming of the hair, the beautiful, beautiful hair.We can’t get our hands on those gorgeous locks, but at least we can fool around — and you can, too. Give him the swirl of tonight’s “Idol” guest, Gwen Stefani. Or the blond pigtails of his biggest fan, 13-year-old Ashley Ferl, who wept for him last week as if he were a Beatle.Print your own cut-and-fold copies. It’s probably the only way you’ll get scissors near Sanjaya.

I like the Adrian Fenty look – What appeals to you guys?
*am feeling quite mean alright*


the sweet kid from washington who really didn’t sign up for this kind of “popularity” on American Idol. Every week we think he’s done, and he survives rising from the ashes *to put it dramatically*

There’s enough said and written on the net so I am not going to get into the dynamics or breakdown of what’s good for him and bad for us debate but the poor chappie needs to be relieved of the misery he puts himself through.

He’s 17, he sings well and is on the track alright, just not there yet…

I like his smile and honesty though – very sweet and his heart shows through clear. I admire his tenacity for sticking through and the brave face he puts on every week for the camera.
This kid will go places alright.

ok, all that aside, how many think he needs a haircut? *a tad personal, but seriously, look at all that hair!?!*

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26 replies on “sanjaya”
  1. says: Dilip

    The voting system is majorly screwed. How else can you explain Stephanie Edwards (or whatever the name of the last African-American woman contestant who got ejected) or Sundance Head’s exit?

    Don’t mean to be rude but Malakar is like that scrawny/tiny (chicken-something) guy of last season. He is muddling along on pure luck. His hair looks ugly, he is constantly amazed he is moving to the next round almost every week.

    In the end who cares. Look at Taylor Hicks — even radio stations refused to pick up his first album while Chris Daughtry is laughing all the way to Platinum.

    Who said life is fair?

  2. says: Orchid

    imagine that!!…my opinion exactly…did a post on that as well…and also check out my latest on my visit to Fossil Rim about 90 mile from Dallas, must see I say!

  3. says: Dilip

    Are you sure? I went to Fossil Rim twice and each time I went it just seems to get progressively worse. Oh well..

  4. says: Orchid

    i guess mine is a mom’s perspective…i took my four yr old on a gorgeous spring day and his excitement at being able to recognise so many animals and that too up close and also feed them was extremely palpable 🙂 and even otherwise, i thought i saw a lot more animals than I expected (ofcourse, if you are expecting the savannahs of Africa, then…..) 🙂

    my comments on fossil rim seem to have taken the focus away from Sanjaya…he is still nice kid and fairly good singer but definitely not title worthy, not yet!

  5. says: rads

    dilip – 🙂

    Orchid – not at all. As long as we can relate to what we comment on, it’s all good. Of course Sanjaya is cool, just that we feel for him as well.. 🙂

  6. says: Aqua

    hi Rads,…i just posted about Sanjaya too. we get AI here in India…just a few hr time diff from the broadcast in America.

    i agree with y…he’s just a kid and most often he looks most surprised that he’s safe. and he reminds me of mowgli somehow 🙂

  7. says: rads

    hey aqua – lol@mowgli, you are right, he does have that jugly look doesn’t he?

    Boy, we all live in the same entertainment zone eh? That’s cool!

  8. says: Dilip

    Now all he needs is a date with Jessica Simpson. They could order a tuna and wonder if buffalos have wings or maybe tunas have horns. The buffoonery would be complete.

  9. says: Dilip

    Holy Mackarel!!! Did you see his hairdo today? Its getting pathetic now. He is not even making an attempt to fight for his place. He is actually thinking since people like my hair I am gonna morph it into a thousand different variations and cause widespread coronary arrests.

    (If I forget to put a smiley every now & then, will you think I am being serious?)


  10. says: rads

    lol, yes, he was hilarious, though you must admit he sang better than a couple of others!
    He’s having so much fun that even Simon’s quit giving him a hard time.

    🙂 Your sense of humor’s catching on alright…

  11. says: Baliga

    well i can see A LOT of people seem to get peeved of at the poor boi’s hair. (dont pelt me with stones!) i have never seen the show or heard the boi sing.. but let the hair be :PPP

  12. says: rads

    baliga – AI’s a huge show so of course there’s a lot of exposure in various forms. Once you a celebrity, you’re “public” property – the jokes are ruthless and don’t cease. He’s the youngest and he’s on a suicide-track to prove he’s juvenile as well.

    You know this long shaggy hair thing is more in Middle school than High [where he is now] – so all the more “o cmon, grow up” kinda attitude 🙂

    Yesterday he told Simon – You are just jealous you can’t wear a mohawk like I can! :)) I can see that coming out of 8 yr olds….

  13. says: Dilip

    “He’s the youngest and he’s on a suicide-track to prove he’s juvenile as well.”

    That statement is worth its weight in gold. I don’t wanna laugh and undermine the subtle truth behind it 🙂

  14. says: Orchid

    Hello hello,
    I see a lot has been said about the Po’hawk already ….so let me just LOL!! at Sanjaya’s audacity and Simon’s “what the ….” look!

  15. says: rads

    🙂 His few weeks of fame is reaching an all new high. FOX did a 2 minute on him yesterday in the news!
    Did any of you catch the SNL piece on him? Check youtube :))

  16. says: Dilip

    Missed the SNL piece.

    Seriously, this is getting insanely ridiculous. I don’t mind him getting his 2 minutes of fame but in the process better singers are being edged out. Thats not fair!!!

  17. says: rads

    hmm.. am gonna get all philosophical and say “who said life was fair?” 🙂

    btw, do I know you from somewhere? don’t blog?

  18. says: Dilip

    Was that question aimed at me?

    No I don’t blog and to the best of my knowledge I don’t think we know each other.

    Being a techie I just subscribe to countless blogs (all of them were related to IT). I jumped on the opportunity to read some light-hearted India-tainted blogs to experience the fun side of blogging. In a very short span of time you have actually motivated me to start my own blog one of these days.

    Is there a problem?

    If you have any concerns my email is rdilipk AT gmail DOT com

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