You land outside a center for son’s class. The doors are shut and the access requires for the teacher to buzz doors open. The doorbell’s busted. 3 minutes left and the son gets antsy.

Wife’s solution:

  1. Stress and curse under breath for a full minute, before wheels churn.
  2. Ask son to check if he has the teacher’s phone number written somewhere in his book.
  3. Drive into an alley, put blinkers on, and shield the toddler’s incessant questions on why the car was parked and not going the usual route.
  4. Check phone to see if the phone number was miraculously saved. Realize it isn’t and wonder why.
  5. In the meanwhile, try calling another parent who also attends the same class. No answer.
  6. Use the handy iPhone and check gmail to see if the number’s in any email.
  7. Acknowledge that gmail’s superior search function in the new updated iPhone system is useless, unless the right query’s inserted.
  8. Think.
  9. Realize with glee that the teacher had indeed called, but sadly 7 days ago.
  10. Quickly stroll through the calls and find a number that could match the time when the call was received.
  11. Thank iPhone’s feature on saving all missed calls.
  12. Dial.
  13. Get a voicemail that says “am out of the country, but here’s my sub’s number”
  14. Memorize the said number rattled out in a tone that resembles a desi version of Kramer on caffeine.
  15. Dial the number.
  16. Get the sub to open door for husband waiting outside.

Husband’s solution:

  1. Mutter ‘Oh’.
  2. Call the wife.
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  1. says: My3

    Now my sons will insist on my buying the iphone! But how true this story! My husband and mom were stuck in NYC traffic. I got them out of the bottle-neck and on their way, comfortably ensconced central PA 🙂 HA HA HA!!

        1. says: My3

          Is that your dance program?? I am upset that you had NOT informed your blog readers. I may have made a trip to see the performance. It is a rare occasion to watch classical dance for us, stuck in farm-country(insert angry face here)

  2. says: mlc

    don’t we women (moms esp) ROCK?? sometimes i thnk if god made us like some creatures who cud produce babies on their own, men wud’ve become xtinct!!

    1. says: rads

      So many things if u ask me. Just not sure if they’d learn our ways, coz if both throw their hands up, we’d be stuck in the same place.. 🙂

  3. says: bhel

    Very nicely done. For a minute there, I was thinking this might be another of those posts where you indulge in some breaking&entering into other people’s houses. 🙂

    1. says: rads

      Oh, don’t even get me started on directions! We have to be precise right down to the number of feet that next turn would come next. Like writing a software program. 😛

      1. says: My3

        Really Rads. If they did not depend on us, where do you think they would be?? Still trying to get a square wheel on the cart the wife made 😉 and wonder why it does not fly down the mountainside 😀

  4. says: theishu

    I guess I like it mostly because you mentioned Savitri. She encompasses all that you mentioned and more. True actress.

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