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It’s been a bit of a long day and I still had some emails to finish before dinner. Instead of opening documents, I clicked on the reader and there it was 1000+ unread items. Once upon a time I was aghast and I’d feel hugely guilty about all that fine hardwork that was spent on writing those and I was being bad not reading them. These days, few things faze me. I eye the reader like a Floridian would watch the weather channel.

I glanced down quickly, and saw that Nehavish had this post up. I clicked and by God, it unfurled a deep liberating me from its slumber. It was so darned atrociously funny and just plain out of the world daring that I laughed for a long while. Here it is.

[youtube= ]

It’sĀ  MC Hammer’s single.- You can’t touch this.

I watched the gold pants storm the store and I laughed with such glee and I did what comes naturally (I’d assume) to anyone; I got up and started dancing. The daughter of course rolled her eyes ever so slightly and walked right past me. They are used to me I guess by now, breaking into a dance just out of the blue while stirring sambar or folding clothes, or burst (completely out of tune) into a song the kids’ friends are over.

Watch this one:

See that girl in pink top/kurta. That’s me right there. No, I mean, not me as in me me, but that could very well be me. I went further and imagined myself in the traditional dress doing the kind of free dance on the streets of DC. I imagine a bunch of us girls could very easily pull it off, though we’d be banned from entering our school the next day on grounds of sacrilege or some such! *sigh

In any case, this isn’t about dance or the music. It’s about just getting up and letting yourself go. No inhibitions. People who know me in real life will attest to the fact that I belong to the rare breed of folks who don’t think twice on just getting up and letting go. Rules, formalities and sticking to social obligations can take a hike and a long one at that when I set my mind on something. Mostly impulsive, I don’t mind and in fact enjoy the occasional frolic into the space-where-the-sensible-woman-hasn’t-stepped-before. Something that went disappeared for awhile in the early part of the year as parts of me shrunk within as a defensive mechanism and reaction. Similar to a snail that retreats into its shell when alarmed or attacked.

I know I won’t be going back to completely where I was, but believe in the saying “live free or die”.Ā  Seriously, what’s the point otherwise anyway? So yes, when was the last time you did something completely raw, basic and uninhibited? Something that you didn’t think twice about how you are seen by others, or the impression you create or worried that you were flouting some rules. .. and if you did, you did it anyway?

Here, let me go first: many incidents come to mind, and I’ve already written about one here, and then there’s always the school and kid events that I go bersek in, the times when with no warning whatsoever do a mean imitation among the girls, dress up strange and weird to take Halloween pictures to post on blog , volunteer at events that require mindless participation, break into “Miss Mary Mack” with a bunch of 7 year olds while the rest of the moms look like I’ve lost it, run straight into the water sprinkler with the kids, jump into a group of 18 year olds at a graduation party and show them the desi moves instead of sitting still and playing “aunt”.. and the list goes on.

Your turn. So tell me, who’d join me in wearing those gold pants and break into a dance? Yes yes, it’s a dare. šŸ˜‰

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  1. says: sraikh

    To join you, I would need to throw back one or 4 magaritas/mojitos/ Manhattans(my new fav!!) and then I wouldnt give a damm.

    I tend to get into the oh my god.I look so silly dancing what will people think so I cannot dance mode.

    Anything else, I am game. dancing not so much.

  2. says: My3

    Depends! If I am with friends, then nothing can stop me. Otherwise I can be the aunty sitting quietly ;-). I always encourage my kids to do these things and the sad thing is they are the ones who will roll their eyes at me BUT won’t stop me :-). It was much more fun when they were little and would join me in running through fountains in parks :-D.

    But heck, I tell them that their children will have the cooolest-ever ajji on earth!!!

    1. says: rads

      haha, the kids are clueless and they won’t discover how cool we moms are until they are much older. We’ll tell them then won’t we? šŸ˜‰

    1. says: rads

      ImprovAnywhere sounds like too much fun. maybe that’s why the DC chapter isn’t hugely active, coz then I wouldn’t be leading a normal life :$

  3. says: maxdavinci

    remm those frnds episodes where the writers are on vacation, They instead write 7 mins worth of content and then rehash and play scenes from past episodes as part of flashback to make up for the mandatory 22 mins..

    same feeling here!

  4. says: Sands

    Talk about enjoy life and I am right there. When it comes to dancing, then it has to be only with real close friends šŸ™‚ Can’t have the world comment on my two left feet, obviously!!

    1. says: rads

      heh, people know when someone’s just doing the moves or absolutely enjoying themselves. There’s this glow on the face no matter if your feet listen to your brain or not šŸ™‚

      1. says: Sands

        That is so true. I have seen that glow on many a people’s faces but they are awesome dancers. Haven’t looked myself in the mirror when dancing šŸ˜‰

  5. says: My3

    You know Rads, this song is now stuck in my head. I was wearing yellow salwar and kept breaking out into the dance. My kids are rolling with laughter and now Dad wants his own golden pants to wear when he hears about son getting into college later on this year!! What HAVE you started????????????????? šŸ™‚

  6. says: Jyothy

    Wow…you must be so much fun for your friends to hang out with.
    I cant dance but definitely can be influenced with so much enthusiasm around me.
    I am mostly one of the “aunties ” watching kids play but wanting to be break loose and let the inhibitions go to hell šŸ™‚

  7. says: kama

    Oh my! How uncanny! It’s been a week that I’ve been planning a post like this but didn’t get down to it (not yet at least, but it should be up my next week.)
    I like the “just get up and dance” attitude. I trained quite a few groups in dance and that’s the first lesson to learn according to me: just get up and dance!
    Oh and I would totally, fully, 100-percently join you for something like that. Erm… well to confess the truth, I am known to do that kind of things already!

    1. says: rads

      haha, We speak the same language! šŸ™‚

      The joy of dance is when you move like no one’s watching you. Inhibition-less. Many just can’t break that chain.. sadly.

  8. says: dipali

    I tend to break into a little shimmy in a music store, if they’re playing something that I like. I need to loosen up more:)
    (Even if my kids disown me!)

  9. says: A

    That’s a racy stuff! So lively and spontaneous. That’s the special thing about dance – you can feel yourself into it at your own will and whim, and energy then just bursts out of you — whether you are part of the actual act or not.

    Surely I’d join you in those gold pants. tell me. lol šŸ™‚

    PS: Just weeks back I did a proper grp stage performance, so you can see the energy still ebullient in this comment too šŸ™‚ Hallelujah

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