Day 5: #TuesdayThankfulness: {Blogathon}

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January 5th Tuesday: #TuesdayThankfulness – Write a letter, a Thank You Note

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Dear Munchkin,

I love you. Yes, of course all moms love their kids but you probably have no clue how much I love you. Plus of course am special. As much as you are, and so when I say I love you, it is very special, and very out of the world and very different from anyone else saying ‘I love you” to anyone else.

Yep, I am never wrong. 😉

I wanted to Thank you for being who you are. I know, I know, you’re going to ask “If I am not me, who else can I be?” in a true Dr. Seuss style and we will giggle over it, but you know what I mean right?

You make me a patient mom. Stop rolling your eyes at me now! I mean that. I definitely am a lot more patient with you than I was with your brother and sister. Ask them. No, don’t ask them, they’d now come to war with me, but it’s the truth. I am a whole lot more patient and attentive with you. Maybe it’s because I was the right age to become a mom with you. Or maybe it is you.

Either way, I am enjoying the role and I have you to thank for that.

Thank you for being such a giggle pot of happiness when you get on those trips of silliness. Thank you also for that ridiculous brazen attitude with which you toss your hair at me and walk off with a huff and a puff. Up the stairs. Sounding like a herd of baby elephants stomping on our roofs. Or the glare you give me as you go. Razor sharp. Incisive and seething. If I were made of cheese, your glare would slice through it in a jiffy.

It’s all very cute and indulgent, and I want to thank you for being so you. The you that rushes to get me water when I go on my choking/coughing spree and thank you for the totally angry frustrated you when I don’t listen to you asking me to rest. The snapping yet caring voice with which you break into tears coz I am hurting. Thank you so much for caring for me like the way you do. 🙂

I also want to thank you for how much you work hard and strive to be your best every single time you get on stage to dance. It is such a proud teary moment of joy and I tear up every single time you dance. Thank God you don;t know that or you’d eat my head up asking if I was okay and why I was sad? Coz no matter how many times I explain, you still don’t get that tears are and can also be happy ones 🙂

Thank you for being such a trooper with the crazy family you’ve landed in. Having two adults who parent you is hard enough, but you are special and have four, and as warm as that is looking back, am sure it’s a hard place to be what with each of our expectations and rules to follow. Thank you for loving us all as much as you do. Thanks for that incredible breath taking (literally) hugs you squish me in when you say good night! 🙂

Thanks munchkin, you have no idea how special you are and how much of a difference you make in each of our lives. <3

Love you loads,


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