…way to get folks to do something.

Warn them of it:

Picture 7

As of Monday evening 7 pm EST, that many clicks for the “forbidden, adult” link that I posted late Saturday evening on the “cutest ever” post. Obviously, no one cared for thecasemod and the elves and the cute couch and the lamp and my dollhouse reference, but the link, aha, the link! ..and this is only for folks who landed on the link from the blog. Then there are the ones who read off the feed. 😉

This Sunday was a flurry of activity, and am giggling like a school kid.

Talk about a mature closet audience indeed!

..and oh, to the person who searched for “translate i miss u in telgu” and landed on my blog – I have 2 words for you.

1. It is telUgu for clarity sakes!

2. We don’t have a word for “I miss you” in telugu. Telugu folks don’t miss anyone. We are ubiquitous. Omnipresent, like God. Ask anyone.

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