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Son’s birthday party and I realize we didn’t have a lighter at home to light the candles on the cake. So enroute to Cici’s where I was to meet the boys and husband, I stop and run into Target. It’s a large store, with no time to run through the section and pick up a barbeue fireplace lighter, I picked up a set of BIC lighters at the checkout aisle.

Young boy/adult probably in high school or a freshman at college in a cheery smiling energetic mood, has just finished with a gentleman and am next.

Young Man at Checkout: Hey there, This will be all?

Me: Yes please.

YMC: Can I have your date of birth?

Me: Excuse me? Zip? *not hearing right*

YMC: No, just your birthday?

Me: *rattling my birthday*

YMC: Ah! Okay. *He smiles, thanks me and bags the lighter pack.*

Me: *bulb lighting* er, why did you want my date of birth? Usually, don’t you just want the zip?

YMC *smiling charmingly*: It’s for the lighters.

Me: haha!

Personally, I think the boy’s raised well and knows how to light up a woman’s face! Husband of course insists that the boy was just saving his ass (and on his first job). I refuse to believe that.

Either way, long live the BIC (for this reason alone).

muah, I love you!
muah, I love you!
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21 replies on “lit up”
  1. says: Jira

    Oh! I love it when people as for my ID to confirm my age! It is such a thrill! Some people are extra sweet to indicate that I ‘look’ so young! Who cares if they are just being polite..he he…

  2. I used to get asked for my ID when I used to buy cigarettes… this after a girl at work told me I look like a middle-aged pervert. Since I’ve quit smoking, I don’t get that ‘high’ when someone thinks I am not 18.

  3. says: dipali

    My 18 1/2 year old was thrilled when he was asked for proof of age when he went for an A rated film. He pulled out his brand new driving license.
    The chap said, ‘But there is no mentioned here.’
    The son said, ‘At what age can you get a license?’
    He was so pleased with himself!

    I’m sure you’ll preserve that Bic lighter for a long time!

  4. says: rads

    Diplai: LOL@ story! I see the feeling here all the time when they qualify and proudly display licenses. 🙂
    It’s irony. For every one person who wants to be older, there’s a couple who want to be younger! 😛

    MuteO: I doubt he thought I was 18. He was just a nice kid. I look my age alright. 🙂

    Whencutdeep: lol, aw, you poor thing. That’s true. We used to wear saris and put up our hair so patients would respect us! Salwars, they’d say “behenji”, Saris, they’d go”Ma’am or Doctor” 😀

    Jira: Absolutely! Living the moment smug 🙂

  5. says: Adithya

    Idhellam romba over. I am with your husband 😛

    Oh saree vs Salwar reminds me of Tina(yeah!!) Ma’am! She was not let into a staff meeting because the security thought she was a student! From then she started wearing a saree….Don’t know if it’s true though 😛

  6. says: rads

    Nandini: Sure, you laugh girl, just you wait till you hit your 30’s 😛

    Max: Totally no? But in your case, I’d side with the bar guy 😛

    Praveen: gee thanks, here I am trying to go younger and you remind me of the date 😛

    Adithya: Dude, you can’t let an old woman have her day can you? 😛
    Saris can make a woman look older or younger depending on how she wears it 🙂

  7. says: munimma

    I used to be thrilled that they id’d me well into my 20s. Haven’t experienced that of late, except when the folks at my new workplace were surprised that I had kids that old.

    BTW, did you stay true to your profession and recommend him to a good optometrist? ;-P

  8. says: gauri

    Lol, there’s no predicting what might just make our day! Happy birthday to your son….and going by Praveen’s comment, I suppose to you too, sometime 🙂


  9. says: rads

    gauri: heh, I know. Rt, I am hoping everyone will forget it as usual, including me :p

    Munimma: haha, I love teh look I get when I tell folks I have two older ones at home when all they see is munchkin. Doubt I’d get away with that line any longer though 🙂

    Optometrist aa? and spoil my cheap thrills 😛

  10. says: Jyothy

    How I envy all you looking-younger-than-actual-age people.I have always suffered the reverse.


  11. says: rads

    Jyothy: hehe, nothing to envy about at all!
    I look my age, just not a mom of teens. Thatsall. I guess there are benefits to getting married early and having kids quick after all 🙂

    Narain: lol, wait till I get hold of Praveen!

    Jaya: Thanks 🙂

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