miley sur mera tumhara

..and just coz am swamped enough at work and home and my brains are shriveling into dry beans, I decided to sneak in some time forΒ some much needed simple fun. That’s when a conversation with bhel floated in, and I dug into the archives and found the perfect break I was looking for.

..and then I looped it into a micro-fiction fable on twitter and tweeted it.

the suspicious husband sat to listen to the bug he planted on his cheating wide & heard this: #fable –…

..and in case any of you picky ones are getting distracted by the word “wide” and your brain hasn’t auto-corrected it to read the ‘d’ as an ‘f’ – then a big BAH! It’s the damned auto-correct on the phone, or maybe it’s my fat finger typing. Either way, doesn’t wide work just as well as wife?

Enough already, now go listen to what the husband taped..

My first audio-tweet. Woohooo!

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