my first guest post


I can’t actually believe it myself, but I was asked to write a post to get published elsewhere! Imagine that! Whoa!

Unbelievable right? I mean, it’s me. Rads who just doles out everyday nonsense on this space here, and by crook or by hook somehow manages to make them decipherable enough to hold all you poor hapless souls by that invisible gun to your head, and force you to read them words! Most definitely not the one to ever dream/imagine to scale the pinnacles or even attempt to dream/imagine to scale the pinnacles of good writing; anywhere!

A guest post. Yeah.

That’s okay. I shall wait a few minutes here.

Take your time. Let it sink in.

Am waiting.

It’s getting there?

Has it sunk in completely?

Yeah!? You see??

Now you know what a big deal that is? For me?

See my excitement pouring through the pages? I can’t even sit still here!

Oh okay, alright, I shall settle down long enough if you promise to do the same.

Great! We have a deal. Now sit back down on that chair you fell off back again.

Settled? Okay, hear this.

Stream of life.

When Altoid suggested I write a guest post for her, I thought she was kidding. She writes wonderfully herself and surely what I dole out on my personal blog would ever pass muster for her to post here? Then she went on further to clarify that she’s asked a bunch of others to send in posts as well. That was a relief! Huge relief. I mean, I was one among a few she chose, so that’s a good thing right? Elite few I’d like to think *wink wink* but at least the pressure for that minute was off. Phew.

Then everytime I sat to write one down, all I could think of was how my leg hurt, or what the munchkin said, or how Ganesha was born, or how tags were piling, or how my iPhone got stuck (don’t ask, I won’t tell either), and some other mundane utterly useless un-interesting things that I didn’t want to send her. I mean, there she is generously offering to post what my half-baked stuff and sending any of these would only add to her moral dilemmas. ( To post or just tell Rads, this is crap Rads, can you spruce it up?) .

I figured I’d just wait for the right thing to come along. One day I brilliantly thought “aha, here’s a fine fable” – but she’d already warned me “no fables. Anything but fables. Picture, poem, story, whatever, BUT fables” very stern she sounded too.


After wiping copius tears on how someone could hate my beloved fables so much, I decided I’d just have to wait it out. So I pretty much came up with every excuse in the book on why I crossed deadlines after specifically asking for them! Then I saw the first 2 of the outsourced series she had on. Okay! The pressure was back on! As a last resort, I sent a silent prayer up. Along with my first wish to be granted while I did the Ganesh puja.

Give me something Lord, I need to get through this.

The Lord always listen to ones who are sincere. Or ones who promise kozhakottais.

Dance. Passion. A video. The happiness. The smiles that it spread.

That’s how this post was born. Love the title she came up with. Hop on over to her place and then let me know?

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9 replies on “my first guest post”
  1. says: Praveen

    🙂 loved the post and the video.

    dance sure is a mood elevator…most of them even forget to jump with joy as they age!!.

    loved this one- “Dance is not necessarily a practiced routine of precise movements of hands, legs and eyes. It is an attitude”

    am sure ur gonna get a few more invitations for a guest post 😀

  2. says: rads

    sthitha: It was wasn’t it? 🙂
    oh yes, art truly is wonderful right? The best part about it is what you perceive as art is subjective enough for freedom of thought and creativity.
    It kinda fuels itself once you enter it.

    Thanks for commenting. I like it 🙂

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