Washington Post churned out an article – a very down-to earth – of how the once NRI are returning homeland coz now that’s where the opportunity is. Now that things are slowly resembling the west, there is a tendency for folks feel it’s okay to go back and start afresh.

I found a few parts interesting

Dutt Kalluri is one of the few executives arriving at meetings on time; his colleagues follow “IST” — Indian Standard Time, which is to say, late. A wistful Uma Kalluri longs to make Folgers coffee instead of a sugar-and-spice-laden South Indian java and is adjusting to living with her mother-in-law”



The cultural impact on their nation is visible and visceral. The New Delhi suburb of Noida boasts a collection of luxury homes known as an “NRI Colony.” Meanwhile, returning stay-at-home spouses confess they miss the freedom and distance of America, far from the prying eyes of in-laws and nosy neighbors.

Prying and nosy neighbors is what mostly does it for me. ugh!

There’s so much more to say and discuss but maybe I will save that for another post.

You can read the whole article here

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One reply on “NRI to RNRI”
  1. says: madsies

    Uma kalluri missing FOLGERS–Interresting! Uma lady shud have thought abt Folgers maybe b4 making the move?!
    And prying neighbors and not to mention MIL interference..oh No!

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