nun too soon


She was a tease. Sexy, strong, beautiful and a fine tease.

He knew it the moment he saw her picture the first time. Of course she had that extra layer of fat hanging off her chin, the cheeks that bulged on either side looking like she had stolen marbles within, and the neck was hard to define what with it joining teh chest squarely. Yet, there was an aura about her. He imagined it was the fact that she spoke in a casual stylish tone, and the fact that she was aggressive, accomplished and had a pizzazz about her. Glamorous. She was glamorous in his eyes.

The next time she sent him a picture of hers, his breath stopped short.

The smile and the eyes offered continuity. There was an intensity in her look as she stared at the camera. Her lips, dark and full, slightly upturned at the corners, and there was that scarce dimple just barely seen in the low light. The dimple that teases when she did. The one that disappeared as she smiled broader or grinned. The warmth that turned searing as he stared at it just a bit more.

The face chiseled down to the sharp angular chin and the cheeks now narrowed to a slope. Brown ringlets tucked behind her ears, a few wisps framing her. The neck stood out, long and regal, flawless and clear. The columnar patch of brown skin leading down to a more fairer expanse. The zippered green sweatshirt hung open across her defined shoulders. Little jaws that opened wide ensnaring his path, edging him to follow the tracks, goading him over the edge with each brass tooth. The skin on her upper chest smooth and velvety. The light from the lamp on her side exposing the bubble of sweat frozen in time. Glistening, the light caught in its spherical glory, it sparkled.

The mounds rose gently on either side. Their shadows chasing all imaginations away. The brass teeth keeping them in check lest they broke free. Curving and tempting, it took all of his resolve to remind himself that she was indeed 1000 miles away. Not that distance mattered, it was all in the mind anyway.


The regality of the pose, the eyes, the demeanor, and the darkness of her beauty, it all snapped together. She reminded him of a queen of Egypt. An enslavement thriving on masochism.

Distracted from his reverie, he read the few words that popped up on his screen.

Thoughtfully, he switched his gaze back to her. There she stood, in her robes, a clean shaven head capping an emptiness onto her sunken face. The smile remained, the dimple nowhere to be seen, the gaze however dull and tranced. She seemed peaceful.

The vision stuck. Despite his intensely strong atheistic principles, he’d never be able to make love to her again. He dragged her to the recycle bin and with just a moment’s hesitation, emptied the trash.

Tomorrow’s another day, and it came none too soon.

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  1. Wow, that was such a good read. I didn't even realize you'd updated it and I just came by randomly. So it was a lovely surprise.

    Like Max said, the title is too good!

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