pokiri [telugu]

1 word – Violent.

3 words – Mahesh is hot!

5 words – Ileana’s cute factor is high.

In a nutshell – Pokiri is Mahesh babu’s latest flick. I hated him till I saw Athadu. The world premiere, in Madras theater, with the crowds shouting, and my son joining them{yea, he really did] and the whole aura of watching a youngster -new generation movie dude, with all that techie stuff incorporated in telugu movies, completely blew me away.
And so I dragged two unsuspecting females in tow and paid a whopping $11 for a ticket at Loehmann’s and sat through this one.

Yea, it was good, except for when there was so much of blood, brians, and guts splling onto the floors. That was overdone. Mahesh belongs to this anti-corruption whatever and is an undercover police cop acting as a gangster. We don’t know that till the last 20 minutes, of course but still. He can go ahead,a nd shoot folks, but smashing their faces with rocks, punching them into crevices, swinging them off trains onto oncoming trains was such a huge ew, and yuck!

Ileana’s cute. Very cute. Of course she’s hot, and gorgeous among other things, but she is an absolute cutie. Her character is nice and sweet but only for a while, after that you’d wish she’d grow a spine. She could give Trisha a run for her money soon. But she does have a little trash in her trunk, so some costumes make her look like a big fat pear.

Brahmanandam, Ali, and Venu madhav – are quite a hilarious bunch. The beggar scenes are funny.
This scene is funny. She asks him to drop all this adi-dadi sandai, so he says “why should I drop for you? What have you done for me? Have you even aksed me once – did you eat, drink, or sleep? You walk around eating home-made upma in a little box all the time, and don’t even offer once” So she offers in a huff and he eats, calmly ๐Ÿ™‚

This scene isย quite cute.

Mahesh has grown well as an actor and marriage to Namrata has done him good. he has an extra 5 pounds on his cheeks alone. He has an awesome smile, and his new hairdo sits better on him. Earlier, we were positive he was going bald or something.

Rating – 3 and 1/2 stars.

….and then I go hear this. It’s a remake of Johnny Depp movie, and is already done in Malludom, and the comedy is a tamil original.
Tamils – any comedy scenes you guys can recollect where a guy shows scorn for beggars till they haunt him forever?

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6 replies on “pokiri [telugu]”
  1. says: Ginkgo

    hmm…frm what u say…looks like Donnie Brasco…where again Depp is an undercover cop ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well..it sure is violent then…:-)

  2. says: madsies

    Pokiri…heard abt it.I want to c that movie more for Mahesh’s new hair do! Now seeing the pics I so want to see it.
    That Illeana female seems to be going up the ladder from just being a “Fair And Lovely” girl!
    LOL @ kuttis comment.

  3. says: chinuku

    before donnie brasco i guess this has also inspiration from yojimbo ( japanese) from the director akira kurasova.

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