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Imgur is a fascinating space. There are many others that can completely smash your productivity to pieces if you let them into your heart for a second, but Imgur’s on a scale so far and away that it’s like a haunted-treasure house. At times scary and apprehensive coz one never knows the state of mind of the “photographer” and what (s)he sees through his lens and at times it’s a cause of celebration of what we really are made of.

The beauty of being human.

After watching Gravity, the movie (the sheer irony of a Hollywood movie drilling it into us that we are a speck in this mighty space is staggering ofc, but let’s stay focused on the bigger picture), I feel all the more grounded in what I am meant to do on this earth. To accept that we will play and wrench and string our emotions into our lives so far and so deep in a way that will make us more human.

Imgur threw up a set of images that is story-telling at its best (and tragically)

They do say that a picture speaks a 1000 words. Some pictures speak volumes and create epics, to be brought up every now and then when its story time.

This photo essay however is incredible in asserting human strength, perseverance and love.

31 photos of this lady who was diagnosed with cancer, taken by her husband, Angelo Merdino a photographer. 

Happy Couple

Each picture speaks to you. There’s a short story within each. An anthology that will move you. The one that you will smile occasionally at, allow your heart to sink just a bit, gasp softly and if you don’t watch yourself, there would be a tear or two.

It is human to feel for someone else.

It is human to want to reach out and wipe the person’s discomfort away.

It is also human to imagine yourself in her shoes, his shoes and wonder.

Wonder if there would be enough courage, smile and power left in us to see this through.

To allow yourself to be documented such.

I think I would allow that. I love photographs enough to allow the camera to peer into me. I love the reach of a photograph. The amount of change it brings into a person from within. Change is good.

:Like how I am changed. Like how you are, after seeing the pictures.

God bless her.

God bless photographers who are humane enough to bring about change in the world.

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  1. says: LG

    Yeah, I’ve seen those pictures. Very disturbing, yet strangely uplifting. Uplifting because of the love that comes out of them.

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