pursuit of happYness

Finally got the Netflix thing going and watched Pursuit of HappYness last night.

Brilliant in more ways than one. Will Smith has grown so fabulously over the years and I  still on occasion, manage to catch and enjoy his fun teen years on Fresh Prince of Belair reruns late in the night.  The movie took me to a point where I thought I’d burst with the sadness and the emotion and finally, a ray of sunshine shows up. 



 A few of the many scenes that stood out for me.

1. The interview  – coz he made the most out of a bad situation by being honest forthright and continuing to hold on to a sense of humor.

2. The time when the kids loses his little toy as they race to catch the bus, and the look on their faces as they watch the figurine on the concrete. It’s heart-wrenching.

3. Will Smith’s face as he shows relief, happiness, pride and joy when he gets offered to join the firm.

Very nice.

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  1. says: Pavan

    a nice movie, but the ending was a little abrupt.. could have shown a bit of more “happyness” in the end. btw I presume you know why happyness is spelt that way here..

  2. says: Praveen

    I heard someone in Bollywood’s planning a desi version (with Anil Kapoor I guess) of this flick, hope they dont screw it up as they usually do. 🙁

    Rads do try and watch “No country for old men”, “Juno” and the german film “Lives of others”.

  3. says: rads

    Praveen: Anil Kapoor as Chris Gardner? hmm.. maybe they’ll throw in a husband-wife teary song, and then have the kid do a sobby ‘maa, mujhe chodke mat jaaoo’. For good effect they’ll even throw in a Mallika Sherawat number while Anil struggles to find a place for them to stay in the background. Life’s little ironies and such bla.
    *end of rant*

    Juno’s on the schedule for next week. Will netflix the rest.
    Books eh? I think a few others are way better than me, but sure, that should be fun. Let me see 🙂

    SK: Yeah. Kid’s cute. I especially loved him during the awards last year. 🙂

    Pavan: Right, the whole movie dwelled on his ‘pursuit’ – which I suppose is how they wanted it. Good stuff though. 🙂

  4. Yes, great movie. Though I officially watch only Jackie Chan movies, I am increasingly less hostile to cinematic efforts that do not involve some sort of Kung Fu as central to the plot. Indeed, as in the case of the present, actually lovin’ it.

    Note to myself: Is this senility?

  5. says: rads

    Naren: 😀
    See, we should not even allow such thoughts to enter our gray heads. What with so many kids around. Stay in denial. Say am 26. or 23 if you so please. Say it a few times everyday when you wake up and when you go to bed. Amazing retention powers during those times.

    After awhile its a breeze. 🙂

  6. Cool, glad to see you finally subscribed to Netflix. As long as you keep mailing them back the day after, they do a great job of sending the next on the list. Now get prepared to receive movie recommendations from all your movie-buff blog readers – there are too many of us.

  7. says: baliga

    i loved the ending the besht. no ntak. no drama. and no over emotional crap they usually tend to do with this thing.

    though i think brilliant acting by the kid..

  8. says: Nirmal

    This is one of my all time favorite movie too!

    It just touched me and made me feel what it means to be a dad and more what is to raise a kid if you are poor!

    Yes, climax interview scene is incredible in portraying emotions of success esp when he speaks this part of my life is called happyness!

    Another touchy scene was the rest room scene where he and his kid spend the night in rest room in metro station! Too touchy to watch

  9. says: Daisy

    I always watch this DVD. This movie seems to be written for people like us, Brazilian, who live in a constant discrimination, specially women, and have to fight to survive in a stone jungle.

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