Apparently the husband and I do have a wisp of romance left in us still. That’s what I was told this morning at least. 

Crazy early morning, time’s ticking, and as always there’s a race at the kitchen table, getting son to chew quicker, munchkin’s hair to be tied, while I down the oatmeal. 

Daughter’s on her toes ready and one step outside the door, as she usually is the quickest one of all, and has more at stake by going in a minute tardy into her Math class as opposed to the son who can waltz into his elective (music) class. 

Husband walking past me: “you looking different today.”

Me: “eh?” 

Husband: “Yeah, your face looks smaller. Like how you looked way back.”

Me: “Oh, that’s coz I tied my hair in a braid.”

Husband: “Yeah, looks nice..”

Daughter clapping her hands: “Chop chop people, stop flirting and move it mom!” 



So that’s how a 13 year old defines flirting? I had no idea! 



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24 replies on “gotcha”
  1. says: booboosmamma

    ROFL…this is so much fun….its very difficult for kids to see their parents getting a little romantic, why is it so? this onetime my co-worker and her husband were hugging each other and their 14yrs old standing next was like “people, get a room”…i dont know what booboo will have to say if we continue to behave the way me and M do now.

  2. says: Jyothy

    oooh..that was some mushy mushy talk 🙂

    (Go ahead… roll your eyes but it did sound flirting to me :))

    you have a lovely and Fun fun family ,Rads.

  3. says: rads

    Jyothy: Heh, I really wouldn’t know 🙂
    I do, don’t I? As you grow older, memory fades. Occasional reminders help 🙂

    Boosmom: lol, yes they can’t imagine us as hormone-driven teens like themselves. The ‘get a room’ is quite popular among the early teens 🙂

    Sands: 🙂

    la Vida Loca: lol, yeah! 🙂

  4. says: M

    LOL….my kids are young enough to think it nice when amma/appa get mushy…they usually try to get in on the action as well – group hug time…but I can see the eye rolling beginning soon 🙂


  5. says: M

    Wow! That was cute. These teenagers I say!!…Now wait till they get their Boyfriends/Girlfriends and how they get all PDA 🙂

    Now when we hug or show affection, my daughter who is 2 and half gets all excited and shouts out loud and says Mommy…Daddy is going to tickle you or hug you 🙂 And our MIL stays with us. It gets all embarrassing for my husband. I really don’t mind and get pleasure in seeing my husband’s face red 🙂

  6. says: rads

    M: lol, true. Actually having 12-13 year olds at home is quite the fun 🙂

    LOl@redfaced husband. 😀

    Ramya: Yeah, sure, like he’d notice *rolling eyes*

    Vimal: It was?! My brain’s rusted, it’s time to take a refresher course or something! 🙂

    M: Aww, group hugs are cute! Yea, it’s a rare day that we hug and when we do, we have the munchkin squarely seated between holding onto her dad like I was going to squeeze the living daylights out of him or something! 🙂

  7. says: mlc

    so cute!! both the dad’s commnt & the daughtr’s! and like someone else mentioned, its prob the 4.2! now u knw what to do, to get the man to notice u;-)

  8. says: bg

    Did you talk to your daughter about flirting after this incident? :):) somehow, if my daughter had mentioned this i would have probably given her a cold stare 😛

  9. says: naren

    Daughter is Oscar Wilde in spirit. Here’s something from one of my favorite plays (Importance of being Earnest)
    “…..She will place me next Mary Farquhar, who always flirts with her own husband across the dinner-table. That is not very pleasant. Indeed, it is not even decent . . . and that sort of thing is enormously on the increase. The amount of women in London who flirt with their own husbands is perfectly scandalous. It looks so bad. It in simply washing one’s clean linen in public.”

  10. says: lifeofhues

    Well it was flirting all right… 🙂

    Kids grow up fast. My 12 year daughter was tell my wife how her ‘figure’ was better than other moms !!!

  11. says: nautankey

    LOL kida do grow up pretty fast don’t they :D.Got a comment on the same lines from my 5year old neighbor when she saw me blushing on phone for more than 5minutes.

  12. says: rads

    Ashwin: Thank you, we have spurts of fun with a good healthy dose of yelling and the like. 🙂

    Solilo: Welcome! lol, I suppose.. what to do, growing old, we gotta settles with these lines! 🙂

    nautankey: They do! Actually, this took us by surprise, usually she’s quite reserved. 🙂

    Life: That IS awesome. I have to drag any such nicety out of my daughter so much that, I donno if she’s just rolling her eyes and telling me or she means even a bit of it!

    Naren: heh, I should tell her. She’s do more eye-rolling!! That indeed is a fine line, must read the book again! 🙂

    Nandini: Laudable motive! 😀 Let’s remember this and talk in the next 15 years. 🙂

    bg: *gasp* how old are you again? 😀
    Na, with teens, you have to pick your battles, and am still learning!

    mlc: heh, well, sometimes it takes a kid to point out the finer forgotten aspects of life. lol@4.2 🙂

  13. says: Roshni

    chho chhweet!! And, yes, I can totally understand a teenager’s discomfort to see her parents’ flirting…. its like ‘hey, your time is over; its my time now’!!

    Reading your blog after a long time… hope to be more regular now that I created a blogroll

  14. Oh, really cute. Your daughter is happy about her parents. She is just 13 years old and has no idea of flirting. Or maybe she is actually starting flirting at school? Or maybe she wishes that her parents are flirting?

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