sibling rivalry

I see two pairs of eyes restlessly watching me as I fix dinner in a bit of a rush. The dishes needed to be loaded, and the kitchen needed to be cleaned within 27 minutes. Folks were dropping in for a short while and the house was to look lived in, not perfect.

Both are hungry and I tilt my head down to look at them.


I get an affirmative silent cocking of the head and a vehement ‘yes’.

I open the fridge and see 1 large carrot in the bin. I wash it and snap it into two and extend my hands out to each. Both eye each other’s pieces.

Munchkin exclaims “Hey, no fair, why does she get the bigger piece!”
Zephie is already halfway to the couch to chew on her prize.

Munchkin grumbles her way to her side of the couch.
“No fair mom, I am even older than her!” she takes a bite off the carrot end and glares at Zephie.

I chuckle my way back to the stove.

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