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There’s a stir going around on copyrights issues and bloggers and it’s reaching ridiculous heights. Here’s the post and the one making the stand. It’s a bit long.

The idiocy, pompousness and sheer arrogance coupled with an unhealthy dose of nincompoop mailing makes for some comic relief. Not making light of the situation Inji is in, and being at the recieving end of such hatred and sickening talk is atrocious and demeaning, but hey, after awhile, one can laugh and win too me thinks.. Standing up and fighting to one who is your level makes it a good satisfying one, when one has to stoop, somehow it just doesn’t seem worth it anymore. O, am sure many disagree, but my 2 cents is – walking away from so much negativity is winning the argument. For everyone’s sakes.

The world is truly made of a heck of more weirdos than the ones with their heads screwed on straight. After the last 2 days chaos at two separate events, and then this, o yes, a small part of the human race is in dire threat of getting extinct!

Lord help us!


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7 replies on “standing up”
  1. Think it is because ***most bloggers want to/ are writing books and this is intellectual property in a sense. I guess that’s why.
    Somebody had come into my blog(long back) and literally copied and pasted a post elsewhere with a good few lines in a foreign language..I was really upset

  2. says: rads

    Oh yea sure, I understand the “why”, just that it was getting ugly and as sad as it may seem, it somehow didn’t seem to be worth it all.. The words flying around, but yes, I am for fighting, most definitely.

  3. What was funny – I actually still read the entire exchange after getting the gist from the first 3/4 email exchanges 🙂

    But whether to stop responding or carry on depends can be expressed by the following quotes (not by me!)

    “All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to not do anything”


    “When you fight with stupid people, you will have to stoop to their level – where they easily defeat you with experience!”

  4. —–Original Message—–
    From: ** Sathya ** []
    Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2008 2:08 AM
    To:;; SimplyMalayalees.Com
    Subject: Re: Attn AJAY BAKSHI
    Hi Sharman,

    Hope you are doing great.. Didnt went the entire mail.. I thought all these issues has been resolved last week.. I dont think there is any open issues with Inji Pennu or any one else.. Shiva recived a formal negative write up from us.. He will be terminated if we found any such kind of activities…

    Inji Penu,

    Let me know if you see any kind of activities from him..



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