ee nade edo ayyindi [Telugu]

Movie actress Revathi will always be one of those that my generation would admire, and I am quite positive that she was every young girl in her teens/early 20’s idol. In teh way she re-defined cuteness, the carefree yet controlled dance movements, the way her eyes would become circles during expression, the little mannerisms, twirling her head, the way she’d bend half her petite size to duck and run. Little stuff, things that would set her apart from the ones who were there before and even amongst her peers as Amala, Nadiya, Suhasini and rest.

She grew from the young, brat to a lovely elegant woman along with the rest of us.

When I think of Revathi, it’s her spectacular character that she played in Mouna Ragam that pops into my head. It was every girls’ dream to be her, to realize love the way she did, coz almost all of us had a semblance of Karthik in our real lives and we all knew (but never admitted) that was going nowhere!

This movie simply titled -Prema (meaning Love) released while I was in college. She was decidely rooted into movies – Tamil and Telugu – and being the giddy young girl-woman, I promptly loved the movie. It was about, what else, Love, and the road it takes to start, bloom and then very prematurely die. Hated the part when she dies. All the more hated it coz well, her death was veryΒ  cleverly based on medical facts. The guy who wrote the story actually did some research and me being the snobbish medico, was sufficiently impressed as much as I hated his guts for murdering this wonderful full of life character! I don’t think the audience, especially the Telugu crowd liked it much either. The movie didn’t do so well, but I could be wrong, as I did not exactly grow up in that area.

She played Maggie in the movie, and she took way more pills than she should have and they all worked against her ultimately. That is all I remember and then this song.

Venkatesh, the actor was never a huge hit with me. He somehow couldn’t act much, nor was her versatile, and his diction was off. (Yes, I was a snob again when it came to pronouncing the words the way they were meant to.) Yet, this movie, there was some amazing chemistry between them and this song below showcases it excellently.

Tuned to the Maestro’s music, (which is always a pleasure to hear even for the tone-deaf), set to romantic lyrics by Veturi, where the sun, moon and time stand still for the lovers to revel in their moment, this song has an appeal to all young either at heart or in love.

The moment when one realizes the complete freedom in surrender and the ecstasy of being in love. πŸ™‚

Enjoy my all-time favorite!

Movie Name: Prema (1992)
Singer: Balasubrahmanyam SP, Chithra
Music Director: Ilayaraja
Lyrics: Veturi Sudhararamamurthy

Actors: Revathi, Venkatesh


[Love the strings at 1:01]
Lyrics with a very literal (not poetic at all unfortunately, and any and all corrections welcome) translation:


yi naaDE yEdO aiyindi yEnaaDu naalO jaragannadi
[Something happened today that has not happened to me ever]

yee anubhavam maralaa raanidi aananda raagam mrOgindi
[This experience will not come again, the happy tunes play]

andaalalOkam rammandi
[The beautiful world invites]

yi naade

ningi nEla ekamkaaga yeekshanamilaagE aagindi
[As the earth and sky unite, this moment stands still]

OkaTe maaTannadi OkaTai pOmmannadi
[It says just one word, asking us to become one]

manasE immannadi adi naa sOmmannadi
[To give your your heart, as it belongs to me]

paruvaalu meeTi na na na na na sElayETi tOTi na na na na na

paaDaali nEDu na na na na na kaavaali tODu na na na na na na na na na na

[I donno πŸ™ ]

yi naade

suryani maapi chandruni aapi vEnnEla rOjanta kaachindi
[It tricked the sun, stopped the moon and let the moonlight shine through the day]

pagalu rEyannadi aasElElEdannadi
[It said the day was night and there was no reality ]

kalalE vaddannadi nijamE kammannadi
[It said there were no dreams, just the reality was beautiful]

yEdalOni aasa na na na na na yEdagaali baasa na na na na na
[The wish in the heart, should increase….]

kalavaali neevu na na na na na karagaali nEnu na na na na na na na na na na
[When I meet you, I would melt]

yi naade



In hindi – Chitra’s voice again, a voice that makes one feel love choke them even when they are not. Some voices have the power πŸ™‚

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23 replies on “ee nade edo ayyindi [Telugu]”
    1. says: rads

      Yes, I actually did while I was listening to this “Ee naadey” on repeat πŸ™‚
      Didn’t watch this movie, should sometime. Totally love the way he says “I want to kiss you!” lol

  1. says: Sushma

    i love this song too and the movie.. not a classic beauty, but a perfect package.. . remember raara rei munda in MR.. love that teaching telugu part.

  2. says: kabini

    Amen! Revathy wasn’t just a hit with the girls/ladies, she was just as popular with the dudes. I think she made every guy wanna be a Mohan (despite Mohan being Mohan) seeing how he was the lucky one to end up with her in Mouna Ragam πŸ™‚

  3. says: kusublakki

    Very sweet post! And I love love love this song too!

    Whenever anyone mentions Revathi, all I can think of is her warm and beautiful smile. So pretty!

  4. says: Jyothy

    Hey Rads,

    Am so glad you started blogging again!
    Revathi is one of the very few actresses who is ‘Hatke’ .


  5. says: A&N

    I love Revathi too. Such a regular face and such a warm genuine smile. I loved her in Anjali too πŸ™‚

    I’m loving that you’re posting everyday!

  6. says: LAK

    Hey, good to know. I shall try and watch all the movies I wanted to in those days, now. Ah for a telugu DVD library in Gurgaon! BTW, I’m aiming at NaBloWriMo too—only I am not sure if I can put up the logo on my blog. So do come by too.

      1. says: Avineni Bhaskar

        Not sure how and where you got this wrong information. I have got the DVD of the movie, it clearly written Atreya’s name(single card lyricist for the movie) on the title and also I am one of the authentic sources for the lyricist information on Atrerya, vETUri and sirivennela songs πŸ˜‰

        -avinEni bhAskar

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