Thankful For What 2016 Brought In

I like such days, day that is designated to “be thankful”. It forces one to face our own conscience and life. To be reflective in the times when we are so swung into action by the forces around us, and our brains, mind and body are not really completely within our control. Times are such.

2016 started off ugly for me. There are plenty things that went wrong, sad and hurtful. It was like 2015 extended for 28 months. 2016, even in the Hindu calendar is supposedly a bad time for me. I don’t believe such things, coz I believe in creating one’s destiny despite my life pointing and saying LOLz.

For a strange reason, this year I listened to the panchanga sravanam (horoscope for the year according to the zodiac read during the new year in March-April) and boy, I’ve been kicking myself ever since, coz apparently that stuff does come true.

Or is it because we already know that our subconscious ensures we do things that make those predictions come true? Food for thought during the winter that promises to be on us soon….

So, 2016 had its bad, completely awful moments.

What it also had were the moments of triumph and perspective.

The details are all here, and here’s my list of things am thankful for:

  • To wake up and realize that all three beds are occupied, each with a thick mop of hair peeking from under the sheets
  • For the three friends, I wished first thing this morning
  • For my Zorro, who loves me unconditionally and brings me so much laughter and cuddles
  • For the adulthood, that’s creeping into my kids and for the strides they’ve each made this year
  • For the friends, I’ve lost and parted ways with. It means that we are all growing and learning that there are things we will take and things we won’t.
  • For the timely medical intervention, that’s given my dad a new lease of life.
  • For the wisdom in learning to take two steps back where necessary and being at peace with where I am.
  • For falling into the wonder of Keto/Low-carb diet and the avenues it’s opened up for me, in my body and head. When folks say there is a body-mind connection, please believe it!
  • For the folks who like me and love me (coz I am not perfect)
  • For the ones I love, coz having someone to love gratifies a need deep within you, makes you want to be a better person while giving you a reason to live and live well.

May you all find your space of gratitude and thankfulness, coz being mindful every day for the little things in life makes you appreciate your entire existence, coz it is the truth when they say that the world does not owe you anything. No one owes you anything. So, do not take anything in your life for granted. No one, including the stars and the sun, they owe you anything.

So, be thankful. Better yet, get into the habit of maintaining a journal for all the things you are thankful of. I do and it works wonders. (A post on it soon)

But for now, Thanks for reading! 🙂

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