week 3 weigh-in

As expected, with the hectic schedules, missing TWO days of gym and the nibbling of the desserts on Saturday, when I stepped on the scale this morning, the numbers weren’t a surprise or a shock.


Measurements remained more or less the same with a 1/2 inch loss since last week, which says something?!

After sufficiently whining and cursing the numbers, and the initial vent ran through the system, I looked at the diet and workout again. Conclusions drawn in my little oea-brain: 

1. The peanut sized desserts really did manage to squeeze themselves in and have lodged well enough to record the gain. 


2. Since I am exercising, watching diet fairly okay and have lost a 1/2 inch, the gain is the muscle gain. 

I am tending to want to believe the 2nd optionapart from feel-good reasons

My cothes fit looser than last week, people are actually observing and telling me so – over the weekend dinners, and I myself feel fitter while I move around. Machine weights from last week seemed easier to do, and I have 4  days ago upped the lbs by 10 all around. There is a challenge in what am lifting and I feel it in my muscles and my heart (as in not the poetic heart but the actual organ!). The biking and ellipse also have been upped and as I said, yesterday my heart rate went up much higher (140-145) than the last weeks, and I felt the “pain” pleasantly. 🙂 

Changes I’d like to bring in:

  • Get control of the kitchen! *starting Thursday dinner* 
  • Eat less white rice and more whole grains 
  • Eat more veggies/fruits 
  • Stay on workout and increase resistance every two weeks.
  • Stay on Pilates and swimming. 

Stern warning to self: This week better be good.

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  1. says: SK

    Kudoes to you for keeping with the regimen. Food splurge once a week is not so bad.

    I wanted to tell you, if you do weights and build muscles, you have to continue doing weights ALL the time, else the muscles loosen up and then it doesnt look good.

    I have heard, women should do more reps of weights, with less lbs, that way your muscles work, but you dont put on too much muscles.. or something to that effect.

    Believe me I have suffered the wrath of the muscles, I went for a few months, and didnt work out for 2 weeks and it became ugly.

    Just my 2cents.

  2. says: rads

    SK: You are right! Women need to do more reps and lesser weight as opposed to men.
    The weights am doing is still 10 lbs lesser than what I used to. So yes, will increase up until then and stay there.

    I do 2 reps now, and I should have said will increase reps instead of resistance. Frankly, apart from leg press, going beyond 40 lbs on the upper body ones is just no fun and quite painful if you ask me.
    Thanks for checking on me tho’ 🙂

    ouch@wrath. O come now, it can’t be that bad 🙂

  3. says: rambodoc

    SK is not right. There is no competing interest between more reps and more weights. And women simply cannot put on muscle and look like Sly Stallone or a Schwarzneggger clone, unless they pump steroids and other badass stuff.
    I suggest once more that you start EATING REAL food. Not just drink water and tea and coffee. Stay OFF all grains. Period.
    Eat lots of fruits, egg whites, veggies and meat.
    I suspect that, while you may actually be getting fitter, you are not losing much fat. An inch or half reduction in waist girth is not measurable objectively even in hospitals, because of human error.
    So, again, while you may be fitter, you may not be slimmer. You can feel lighter and slimmer, but you could just have lost fluids, or even had a good bowel movement to feel so. Serious.

  4. Sorry to be hijacking your space but I would love it if Rambodoc could answer this..how does real food mean no grains? And does stay off mean complete cut of rice, bread and rotis or is it just a drastic cut?

  5. says: SK

    Gee, May be I should re-phrase what I said.
    I said if you start doing real weights, you have to keep at it. And I do know women cannot put on as much muscles as men because they dont have the hormones, but they do put on some muscles. And if the intention is to put on muscles then they better get some work out a few times a week regularly, else we will lose them. I meant if this weight loss is a one time thing, just to lose some lbs, heavy weights may not be a good idea.

    I have observed it personally. It is possible that once we get some muscles our appetite increases big time, and if we stop working out, we continue to eat in big quantities and hence put on fat while losing muscles.

    But as Rambodoc says eating right, plays a big role, apart from workout. The two work hand in hand for lasting weight loss.

    I think a balanced diet is essential to keep up energy levels. I dont believe in no carb (South Beach) Diet. And dont go under 1200 cal a day else the body will go into starvation mode. Slow and steady should be the mantra. Dont let yourself crave for anything. Small portions are key.
    Fill your stomach with veggies, they have soooo less calories but full of goodness, and reduce the carb, as they are just fillers.

    Phew! :–))

  6. says: rads

    wow, I wake up and see my teeny blog become a weight-fitness forum! heh 🙂
    All are taken in the right spirit and yes, all make sense, and yes, am sure all of us do our bit of reading to know the science behind our body 🙂
    Didn’t I address my whole attitude towards this among my various posts anyway? That am not big on numbers etc etc.

    Maybe I should just do a post instead, if folks promise to read it!! 😛

    GDS: There’s a facebook group called “XL” a misnomer if you ask me 😉 – that rambodoc’s started if you’d like too. I got added on, but am not a big facebook person so not much of a participant.

    Doc: Okay, so am not slimmer eh? 🙂
    Gee thanks! 😛

    SK: but of course!

    Adi: heh, aren’t you thrilled and rubbing your hands in glee! 🙂

  7. says: rambodoc

    That is India XL.
    Grains are also real foods, but I would avoid them as far as possible because they have a high glycemic index, which means when you eat them, they cause a rapid rise in blood glucose levels. This leads to a surge in the secretion of insulin, and you know this hormone causes deposition of belly fat. So, if you want to lose belly fat, stay off all grains, or choose those with low glycemic index, like oats.

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