32 days


  1. Glass of warm water 
  2. Spirutein + banana + skim milk 
  3. Panera Coffee with 1 sugar 
  4. 1 large bowl of salad and tomato soup 
  5. 1 bottle of water (2 glasses)
  6. 1/2 Tomato Mozarella sandwich +  1/2 bowl of vegetable soup + potato chips 
  7. 1 bottle of water (2 glasses) 
  8. 1 cup of rice + cauliflower curry + mango daal 
  9. 6th glass of water 

I didn’t go to work work, but went driving for 2 hours into the cold, fog, mountains (in that order) to reach sardine-packed and way-too-secure-office floors  for meetings and training in an altogether different state. Left home at 6.45 am, sat through the nonsense, and drove back in exactly same conditions except that this time, let’s add sitting in unexpected traffic for 45 minutes to the delightful mix. Landed in the vicinity of home by 8.05 pm and was asked to come on over to the school for the son’s winter concert. Did so. Only to have missed his part. Sat there and listened to others and thoroughly enjoyed more brilliant pieces, the names elude my brain at this point, and came home at 9.20 pm. 

Flopped on the bed a few minutes before chaos erupted. All three kids are refusing to eat. Change and waddle downstairs, after much cajoling, each agreed to indulge me. Munchkin ate a banana, daughter had soy milk and son had some rice. I on the other hand was starving to death and ate what mom laid out on the table. No qualms. It was a long tiring day, and despite a sudden Panera stop on the highway with the colleague and finishing off a less than normal sized tom-mozzarella sandwich and soup at 5 pm, my stomach growled fiercely. 

And no, I didn’t workout either. How could I? Thought I’d reach home by 7 and I could still manage it, but with the traffic, driving and the concert to go to, time ran past me. 

I do not have the nerve nor the energy to add ALL the calories painstakingly. I’ve crossed 1200 and have obviously fallen off the wagon. 

Tomorrow I will eat those chocolates when I get to work, and will consume all on auto-pilot just as expected. 🙁 

Very beat. Am going to bed. Shall wake up at 5 and try and sleep-drive to gym. Anyone volunteering to wake me up?

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  1. says: rads

    GDS: o, it’s just green mango cooked with tur daal. A favorite of mine 🙂

    naren: Kahan ka dilli? Mein tho mudkey peechey Madras ja rahi hoon 🙁

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