8 of 30

I think I did fairly well, all things considering. So here are the goals and where I am:

1. Remove sugar. Eradicate it ultimately. I plan on reducing it for the first week to 1 tsp and then we make our way down further.

Done. It’s down to 1 tsp, but I wolfed down 2 Belgian waffles and those are loaded, so not good. Maybe that cancels out 2 days. Good news is that am not buying anymore, so yeah. 

2. Do an hour of work with munchkin every day. 2 pages of math, 1 page of comprehensive reading and then work on our “person of the week” project. It’s Hilary Clinton for this week.

Yeah,managed enough reading and we are getting that little poster board together this afternoon. Math is so-so, but it’s been a busy few days for her, so it’s okay. 

3. Hug each of my kids and tell them one good happy thing they did or are, every single night before I shoo them upstairs. (It has to go on record that two of them are at a stage where they cannot absolutely stand any human contact, especially if the contact comes from parents. )

Yes. It’s been good.

4. Write one post/review or some material to be published once a week. That would mean 4 by Labor Day.

I did write. It felt good. I don’t know what it is with Ces Mots ormy writing there that throws folks off, and maybe it conjures up with visions of dark gloom and forebode coz I don’t see much clickings and going forth. Kinda sad and disappointing, but we move on. 

5. Spend 15 minutes every day on Yoga: Breathing and stretches.

Yea, so-so. I really think I need to go to a class. I just am no self-starter in some things. 

6. Read. One book a week. At the very least.

Doing very well. Reading Agatha Christie’s Murder in Mesopotamia and also starting on The Best American Short Stories of 2008, edited by Salman Rushdie. 

Am on Goodreads and will most likely review there, so if you are on and interested, would love to share your reads as well. 

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  1. says: A&N

    My 30 days challenge hasn’t happened for the last 2 days 😐 In Amma’s house for the last 2 days and when I come here, I come here like some princess. No shoes, no tracks, random clothes.

    And I dare not step out in the tracks that my mom stocks for emergency use.

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