a new year..

..and already there’s so much to do. I can’t believe the calendar is full of little notes in blue, red and pink with appointments and events to rush to.

Between the flu, travel and coloring the walls, the holidays seem to have disappeared. Now it’s back to the grind with a hoarse throat, furniture everywhere but where it’s supposed to be, bags still laying unpacked.

I sound like a hunky dude on the phone – not that there’s anything wrong with that 😉 but when your own kid doesn’t recognize you it’s time to worry. My morbid curiosity got the better of me and I compared throats. The insides I mean. Mine looks awful, red and quite close to a bumpy Mars surface, while the rest looked smooth as baby’s bottom. Ok, wrong visual here, but you get the point.

A little worried on the terracotta I chose for the living and dining areas… now I need to go buy more lights to light up a dark space that was quite bright in the 1st place. Am telling you, colors and paints are one tricky affair.

Saw a few movies. Blood Diamond, Don and Khosla ka Ghosla. Plan to review them shortly. Each had a charm of its own.

Don’t have any major resolutions for the New year’s mainly coz I know am not much of a stickler for them. I do have a few things that I need to seriously work on and hoping a master plan sitting on the refrigerator is motivation enough.

One of our friend’s husband passed away on Jan 1st. Sweet man, and up until Thursday he was running around doing his active thing. A stress test on Friday caused them to operate on Saturday, from which he never really made it. A little reality that made us stop and reflect a bit on New Years.

Went to the temple on the 1st evening and got a kick out of seeing my munchkin pray. As in I tell her “that’s Hanuman jeja, can you do namaskaram?” She’d fold her hands and close her eyes for a few seconds and look o-so-serious, with just the slightest of bowing of her head. Her curly hair in a tight knot high on top of her head bob ever so cutely with the way she stomps off from one deity to another. It was fun just watching her.

It’s a balmy 60 degrees out here. We can officially claim to be “globally warmed”.

Hope everyone’s had a great fresh new start. Happy New Year folks!

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11 replies on “a new year..”
  1. says: Orchid

    It’s pretty much back to life the way it was in 2006 for us also- a new year indeed! We did the temple visit too and with my li’l A it’s all about emptying mom and dad’s pockets into the “hundis” and oh he also wanted some of the “Ganesha food”- the yummy prasad which people were handing out 🙂
    Hope you are feeling better now.

  2. says: Terri

    Can’t help but think that the friend’s husband (and his family) would have been better off if he hadn’t gone to the doctor in the first place. Very sad.

  3. says: Saranya Kishore

    Rads, Your munchkin sounds a cutie pie! :–)
    We went to the temple yesterday and I was watching a little girl with pony tail on top of her head praying, it looked sooooo cute. :–)

    I forgot to make resolutions this year! ;–D

  4. says: rads

    SK – lol, they are best forgotten 🙂

    terri – those were the exact same thoughts we had too. It was just a force of time I suppose…

    Orchid – The throat needs rest to get better, but seriously, how on earth can a mom stay mute? The kids would love it, but then the house comes to a stop! Kids are so cute at the temple.. almost like candy store.. :))

    madsies – aa guddey talli. 🙂

  5. says: Twisted DNA

    The worst part of vacation is getting back to work at the end of it. People have been waiting for me to get back and they all pounced on me so I am drowned under a load of work 🙁 Other than that the new year has been ok so far.

    Hope you are getting better from that very graphically described soar throat 🙂

    “madsies – aa guddey talli. :)”
    evariki guDDi? 😛

  6. says: rads

    My empathies, dna, I hear your pain.
    Throat’s a bit better, not peeking in anymore though 🙂

    guddi? :O ammo, meeru chaala khatarnak :p

  7. says: Dude Hyderabadi

    Nice round up of the last one week. Pretty exiting (read full of stuff happening)life u got. May the man’s soul rest in peace.

    N Wish u n ur family a very Happy new year !

  8. says: Usha

    The holiday and festive seasons have a way of raising hopes and expectations and at the end of it all, it is actually nice to settle back into routine right?
    I loved the description of your li’l one praying. They are so earnest that you really hope that for their sake all that you male them believe is actually true.
    Get well soon.
    Happy new year.

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