a room with a view

No, no, this isn’t a review of the book nor of the movie, but instead it precisely describes my working conditions from tomorrow morning. Well, since late afternoon today, but then it was the end of the day for me, it’s all the same.

There’s been a bit of re-org happening at work and people have been re-assigned their cubicles, and working areas according to the various contracts and sensitivity of information we deal with. So yours truly has been assigned an office, which has a door and a window!


Of course I’d love for me to actually glance out and see the pond or the highway or even the shopping area adjacent, but no, am presented with the yellowed side of the wall of the movies next door. I could complain and I could feel a bit jealous of the ones who did get the pond view, but hey, for a person who sat more than a year within a cube surrounded by walls this is heaven!

Why the move’s good:

  1. I get privacy. The office is flung far across the suite and is on the complete other end of my previous space. Can chug peacefully I hope.
  2. That side of the suite is mainly occupied by the executives and management. There’d hardly be any noise or distractions.
  3. I have it all for myself at least for the next couple of months after which I might have to share it with my buddy, by then bigger changes are expected so who knows!
  4. I am right next door to my PM, who’s a sweetheart in the first place anyway! Adore her in a few ways and she’d be quite the inspiration being close.
  5. The kitchen’s a whole 2 minute walk away. Would help cut down some temptations hopefully. My belly sure could use the help.

Why the move isn’t good:

  1. I get privacy. Not a good thing once I get into my moods. The restless ones and the bored ones. I would be up to no good festering the net and blogworld with me
  2. No distractions. Something tells me I don’t work too well huddled in a cave.
  3. I will have the room for myself. Aforementioned warnings in place. The buddy and I are known as the dangerous duo, or the cackling geese, as we share similar tastes in humor and can laugh and laugh loudly at the amusing ways our work takes us through. Till she gets back full time, I’d be missing her even more.
  4. PM’s next door. I am thinking not many would want to visit me too often!
  5. The kitchen’s a whole 2 minute walk away as opposed to next door. No more tantalizing smells wafting through not to mention can’t keep tabs on the folks who rush for the candy bowl when it gets filled.

Life is good I guess, but, last summer was exciting, better too in a way. Miss it.

To have loved and lost is better than not loving at all.
A room with a view is better than no view at all.

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13 replies on “a room with a view”
  1. says: rads

    Praveen: That could be an issue too…

    wt: merci! hehe, no, I have them still hanging up on the old wall. I can do a mardi gras fest in my new place and not a soul would know 😐

  2. says: booboosmamma

    Wow own office and all huh. That calls for a party. Our company makes sure everyone sits on the trading floor, just the MD’s get their own office. But the only consolation is that i got a corner cubicle.

  3. says: rads

    Adithya, Pilgrim: Let’s hope so! 😀

    Baph: Not sure completely, but I am thinking so..

    Boosmom: hehe, I wouldn’t think of this as a perk, just a move. Corner cubes are good, I was in one until now. 🙂

  4. says: some body


    good for you, though i don’t think it would’ve worked for me because of the kinds of reasons you mentioned. (or is that sour grapes? whatever … 😉

    – s.b.

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