I have lost my funny bone.

It hurts that am not able to laugh anymore. It’s crushing me beyond my own comprehension and the image I have of me.  I swear I had it with me all along, but in the trip I have got on, somewhere along the way I misplaced it. It’s becoming a chore now, the hunt for it, and the need to actually find it. 

Smile? Yes. Laugh? I donno anymore. 

Unfortunately, I know what will make me laugh. I just can’t reach it as I swore to myself that I wouldn’t encroach. 

Life sure is a b*tch.

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  1. says: sudha

    The brain is sure a funny thing. Can’t handle emotions and intelligence equally well at the same time. When I lay off my so called intelligent pursuits my 3 yr old cracks me up…Wishing you loads of humor.


  2. says: maxdavinci

    you never lose the ability to laff ok, you may lose the ability to crack jokes or say something funny.

    laughter, eating and crying are like the first three folders that are put in when our setup file is being prepared(9 months)!

    so you havent forgotten to laugh, just that you havent seen anything funny recently or maybe you don’t wanna see the funny side of things.

    It’s all in the head silly!

    oh shit, i’m supposed to write something senti. eh, watever u know me!

  3. What goes away will come back. When it comes back, you will really love it because now you are worried that it went away. I am sure atleast this can make you laugh, if not you read it after a few months and then it can make you laugh.

  4. says: Jira

    I can’t believe this is you Rads! I usually find your writing to be so positive. You are one of the more jolly, active and cheerful bloggers I’ve come across! I don’t know what is bothering you now, but cheer up! Life sure can be a b**ch, but I hope that you find your laughter once again.

  5. says: sajni

    hey Rads, are you feeling any better? it is unsettling seeing you down like this. cheer up, it’s your birthday! Many happy returns and wish you lots of joy and laughter.


  6. says: Manchus

    Hope today is not same as yesterday!! Wishing more sunshine & laughter your way.

    Happy Birthday! (figured from the previous comment)

  7. says: rads

    All: It’s touching to hear from all of you. Brought a different set of tears to my eyes, the ones that choke and makes you laugh at the same time, so you are gasping for breath in between.

    I’ll be okay. I don’t have a choice but to smile and laugh and continue on, the dismal place is a bore after awhile, what with all you fun people asking me to come along! 🙂

  8. says: Jyothy


    Hope you have gotten rid of whatever it is that was pulling you down and feel low.
    It was sad to see this post/blog on your otherwise bouncing-with-energy blogspace.
    Belated happy birthday (figured out from the comments)…..

    Ask your kids , they can surely help you find the real mirth and laughter….

    take care.

  9. says: rads

    Jyothy: Doubt I can get rid of it, but for now, I’ve scaled it down. Am good! 🙂
    I knoww @ It was sad to see this post/blog – I was feeling even more sad seeing this space! 🙁

  10. says: Adithya

    And you were stunned when my status read,”Does anybody remember laughter?”

    Accept it, I show you the future!

    Anyway, I am late here but I see you are back to being cheerful again.

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