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What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. – Friedrich Nietzsche

Maybe it worked in his era. To the kind of people and idiocies he was subjected to. Maybe it does still work. But what it is not is: all-exhaustive or all-encompassing.

What doesn’t kill us, can however, have the capacity to maim us. So does it mean that a maimed body is better than a dead one? Or does it mean we don’t get to choose. Or perhaps the body isn’t what we talk about at all. It is the BRAIN isn’t it?

Either way, the unsaid theory remains that the BRAIN learns a lesson from the event that did not kill us, and so will make us STRONGER to NOT succumb to the same event again. What if the BRAIN does not learn, and succumbs to the same event twice and perhaps thrice?

It hence follows that the said BRAIN is not worth strengthening in the first place.

Corollary that can follow:

What doesn’t kill us, has missed it’s frikin’ mark.

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2 replies on “gyanugget 3”
  1. says: bhel

    What doesn’t kill us can still put us on life support, swathed in bandages, legs in a sling, hooked up to a mass of tubes, being fed intravenously, watching a 14 inch tv in an hospital bed. Hence it is very important that one looks hither and thither before crossing the road.

    1. says: rads

      Bhel: That was precisely my point. The maim part.

      I have no recollection of what I was smoking when I wrote this goobbledygook, but reading it now sounds like those crazily hard truth-rock songs that can only be belted out under the influence and while in the zone by the rockstars.

      I know, I know, just play along will you? 🙂

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