gongura gola

Remember me pining for gongura in this post and my intense craving for the pachadi.

Sushma so sweetly offered me some to. I hope she did when she said, “my home” – coz that’s how I understood 😉

Went to Patels that weekend and saw some really sad frail dried up sorry pieces of gongura stalks that tasted worse than grass. No, don’t even think of asking how I know grass tasted.!

In any case, got some home and in a desperate attempt to make my now dried up brown thumb go back to its long ago version of being green, I stuck them into a pot. The stalks.

slow sprouting gonguras
slow sprouting gonguras

Then I forgot all about them.

Hannah’s shadow came over this weekend. Rain was pouring. I was in the mood for some spicy sour mango pappu and guthivankaya koora. I chopped the mango, and it wasn’t too sour. A little upset I stared out onto the deck. This is what I saw.

juicy sour gonguras
juicy sour gonguras

Bravely, I stepped out under an umbrella amidst munchkin’s shrieks that I’d melt in the rain, I snapped off a leaf and placed it on my tongue. Wow! It was so sour I winked!

Lunch was: Mango/gongura pappu (mango/sorrel daal), guthi vankaya koora, (stuffed eggplant curry) and chaaru (rasam) with avakaya and neyyi (ghee). Yum. not to mention the lovely rains outside. *sigh.

Home grown’s just awesome. Next year, am gonna get ambitious, and then all of you can remind me that I currently am the unfortunate owner of a dried beige thumb and I can then eat my words. Till then, I am gonna have some more sour gongura pappus and if I can hold myself enough, will save enough for a pachadi. Yay.

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20 replies on “gongura gola”
  1. says: Srividya

    Gongura pachchadi! 🙂 Oh yummmmmmmm! 🙂 Mix it with rice … pour some sesame oil into the mixture … and have each bite with an onion on the side.

    Heaven … that’s what it is. 🙂

    And hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! 🙂

  2. says: rads

    Praveen: Grrr! Have some more for me too! 🙂

    Sree: Thappakunda! Anytime. Hehe, and it’s not coz you don’t live anywhere close to my whereabouts 🙂

    Sriv: But of course! You wrote a dance post 🙂
    I knowww… It’s heavenly 🙂

  3. says: Priya

    I would second Adithya’s comment. Okay you grew gongura, ok for the brown turning into beige, but do we need to know the menu! do we ?? ~ for a second here, lets forget my blog 😉 ~

  4. Gongura pachadi? Maamidikaya pappu? Avakaya, neyyi? Guttivankaya koora? Chaaru? No Appadalu? And what do ‘we’ get to eat at home? Three-day-old chaaru, close-to-growing-fungus avakaya, smelly bangaladumpa-vepudu, of course fresh 1 month old Buttraamilkeeyy (Buttermilk)..Yuuummmmmm….
    I think I need to raid my aunt’s place and ask her to cook these for me or I’m gonna die pining for them! You had to bring them up didn’t you? Now I want my mom too!! 🙁 uuuuwwwwaaaaa…:((

    @ Adi: LOL! Idu koduma illai pa, this is Andhra foodu! 😀

  5. says: Pavan

    why leave us half-killed? you should have posted some pics of the whole lunch spread across the table, ensuring that we burn ourselves with jealousy.. grrrr

  6. says: bpsk

    What, no pappadums to go with the spread?! A little crunch for the munch(kin) :p

    I agree with the earlier comment, a pic of the spread would have been nice

  7. says: rads

    All of you: You guys are right. I feel so bad now. I should’ve included a picture of the spread. I apologize. Insensitive me. Next time I shall do so. Promise. *solemn face*


    bpsk: hehe, yesyes, I had pappadums and even mor mozhagas to go with pappu 😛

    deita di: rofl@ahanapellanta scene.
    OMG@rendu jalla seeta – I sooo want to watch that movie. Link istava? Puhleasessss? I promise I will pluck all the leaves and make special gongura pachadi and overnight it to you. God Promise! 😀

    Pavan: You asked. How could I refuse? :p

    Adithya: Just sparing you guys the visual 😛

    sthitha: Really? :O
    Achacho. Chi chi@close-to-growing-fungus avakaya. Ventaney upgrade chesuko. Kavalsoste address pampi, I can spare you some avakaya. :

    Priya: I am going to route everyone to you. Considering you have such an established akshaypatram at home, you should technically be making some gongura pachadi for all and sending them out.
    alright aa? 🙂

  8. Thanks a lot for the gesture! But it’s not all that bad, I exaggerated a bit. 😛 Truth be told, my roomies and I do crave for authentic home cooked food. We sometimes head off to my aunt’s place for a meal or two, which is soooo gratifying, considering the fact that all of us are sinfully lazy to cook!

  9. says: rads

    Apple: Menu chadivinantha matrana anni maha ruchiga unnayi ani anukovadam, nee amayakatvam, na adrushtam 😀

    *am so kicked I wrote that line! 😉 *

    Stitha: That’s true. Ive been cooking extras for singles since I’ve come into the country. It’s a pleasure to see the happy faces, despite my cooking! *did I say I occasionally turn veggies to carbon?* 🙂

    deita di: Thank you. Hayiga andaru choosukovachu moie ni. 🙂

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