ta da!

Read point #6 in the guide?

6. Plot on how to escape the stupid contract and avoid paying the data plan cost, or better yet, how to use it. Charming the ATT representative has known to work wonders if your stars are aligned well. They know all the loopholes, and no system is ever that tight.

Yeah baby!


Joffrey’s a dream come true! The to good to be true, that you’ve pinched yourself silly a few times and it begins to hurt? Kind, sensitive, one who’d cluck his tongue appropriately without looking like he’s patronizing you, one who would actually listen, and then go act on it, and then would smile and laugh at all your silly rambles and the story of how one can be very careless and silly and totally understand or at least pretend convincingly that he understands. The best part is when he listens to your prattle so much that he asks leading questions and has an opinion on it, like the time when I described the scene where I dashed across the roads dodging cars and he looked up and said “oo, just like in the movies!” See, he listened!

I suppose the only time a man listens to a woman is when there’s a counter in between!

So in any case, he was basically every girls’ answer to all problems iPhone. In other words, whatever the husband isn’t. Yeah.

He set me up in this crafty little setup where I sounded like the ultimate Empress, who has to say ‘yes’ and he’d flip the switch. Where he is that crafty mastermind behind the plot, lays it in front me and all I have to do is nod. Imperceptibly. The deed’s done. Sounds like a mafia ring right? Yeah. So that’s what we did. What I agreed to was to upgrade the husband’s phone to this iPhone, but I use it. Like today. Like how you see in that image. That’s the picture of my phone. [You do know how to take that don’t you? I love that cute little red icon on that mail. Ah, my eyes. They spinning circles just looking at it!] And then perhaps when I am eligible for an upgrade in January, husband gets it.

I pay for the instrument today instead of January. Data plan remains same. Nothing extra. Nothing doubles.

Brilliant? I think so.

Have a great Labor Day weekend all, coz mine’s totally rockin’!

ps: To all the girls, I know what you’re thinking, and er, yes. 🙂

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11 replies on “ta da!”
  1. says: My3

    HECK!! Tell Joffrey My3 is coming over. I am trying to do something similar here 😀 only that I am trying to get hubby’s iphone and give him my Samsung flip phone. All that he uses his phone is to call me to pick him up. Why, I ASK YOU, does he need an iphone. So son and I have decided that we NEED it more than him :D.

      1. says: rads

        Well, since you donno the name, that could work. Just don’t say it loud. Ssshhh!

        ..and yeah, am the ‘new gadget’ freak at the house. Can’t afford TWO of us in this day and age.. Sadly. So he’s being the martyr. The things husbands do. *sigh

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