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Work entails tunneling into secure servers and for the most part requires that after launching a particular run; we just sit there staring at the screen. All outside communication’s cut off and truly there’s not much else to do except well, twiddle thumbs, doodle, re-arrange the desk, drink coffee, hunt for snacks in the kitchen, file nails, visit random colleagues among other things. Basically, indulge in the various ways of wasting time before the internet came along.

We crib.
We don’t like it. The internet’s hands down still the best on the list.

This morning:

The PYT at work walks over cursing loudly: “Rads, I am so bored. The server’s taking a longer time than usual.” 

Me: “ML was looking for you this morning, maybe you should hop over and bring back more of her Chinese goodies?” 

PYT mourns: “Oh right, I missed all those. Can’t eat any yet. The medicine’s making me throw up.”

Me: “Ah well, that doesn’t mean you can’t go get me some?” 

PYT: “Haha, sure Rads, will do. What you doing btw?”

Me: “Writing a random short story.”

PYT: “Oh, like on Word? Oh yeah! We can open and do stuff on our own computer right? Wow, so this is what you do, when you tunneled in?”

Me: “Yea!”

PYT: “Brilliant idea Rads. Just as well use our time right? Why didn’t I think of it?” 

Me: “er, coz it’s brilliant?”


 All hail the new wise-cracking bully in town.

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