Abhishek is hot, er, cute and hot. Acting is alright.
Priyanka Chopra has an awesome pair o legs. Guess it must be to compensate for her very blunt nose especially when seen in profile, which the camera forces you to watch more times than you can take. Acting? what acting?
The 3rd new joker in town is Ritesh Deshmukh. Someone tells me he is the CM’s son, and Abhishek and he were langoti-yaars from whenever they were in langotis. Serious q – does anyone still use the ord “langoti”? I can almost imagine an aunty in Mumbai saying – mera beta ke liye bas pampers hee istemaal karti hoo” while holding up a Pampers pack as in a TV commercial.
I saw this Ritesh dude in one of those painfully long award shows they thrust on Sony and Zee Tv alternately, and I swear to you, I thought he looked like a hybrid. The kind who is so smooth, for a second you wonder if he is a she? Next to macho AB jr, he definitely fit the role. wasn’t hard imagining him any other way. Ok, back to BM.

The movie is quite nicely done. Light-hearted comedy, a fair enough suspense – coz am feeling very sad that ABjr has a doughnut sized tumor – and a nice simple plot. I liked the music. A lot. It was different, not the usual running around trees, and Ab jr has come a loonggg way in looking the rugged macho look. It is true after all eh – men look better with age – just like wine I suppose 😉
I saw him briefly in a song with Aish in Dhai Akshar prem ke and – yuck – he looked a scrawny peice o high school bag o bones.
The 5 o clock shadow is what it is…..

One song is so hilarious – up until halfway I thought it was some trinidad, african or some moroccan language. It goes like this “bureburehumhe shay tun, zarazara buch nare hum say” Translate it to plain hindi – “Poore hum hain shaitan, zara bach ke rehna hum se” ! It was quite hilarious, to decipher it, almost to the point that I’d say that was a sneaky thing for the music guys to throw it on us unsuspecting fans! It is nice, you should hear it.
Also the title song – Sabse bada rupaiya – has a nice flow.
Right here and Right now is the best. Abhishek has a hip-hop bling bling look. Gels well with him.

I liked the whole fishing theme. Little fish, small fish, big fish, the mother-of-all-fish – yea, cool stuff.

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3 replies on “bluffmaster..”
  1. says: madsies

    LOL @ “Serious q – does anyone still use the old “langoti”?”
    Inda marri Q …yellam theyvayya??
    BLuffmaster has been in my_to_watch_wish list…Sounds like a fun movie.
    As usual the style of ur writing is good 🙂

  2. says: Shilpa

    I saw BM in India and was very excited to see AB on big screen. I had higher expectations from the movie.
    Strangely, when I am back here, I liked it more…I guess my tolerance level differs with the country
    where I watch 🙂

  3. says: rads

    shilpa – there’s an element of truth to the tolerance-level and country. I find that too, especially with respect to big-screen vs TV, cheering crowds vs subdued home watching, and wether you are watching with the husband vs friends.
    AB is such a feast 🙂

    madsies – thanku. BM is a good one. Ah well, we can’t just let go of a public figure without having some fun now can we? 😉

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