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I stumbled upon this site as I went blog-hopping, and thought it was cool. Chennai’s now an official blog-city on the Metro Bloggers. Apparently Madras has the most number of bloggers after Bombay. Nice eh?!

It’s been a while since I’ve left Madras [it was called madras then, and I still have a hard time calling it Chennai. Ok, no guesses on how much of a dinosaur I am – adi vizhum!] and haven’t felt this nostalgic about the place I grew up in since I’ve started blog-reading. There are so many folks from Madras, and it wouldn’t matter so much if they just wrote on arbit stuff, but they pen juicy news on the happenings in the city and take me down memory lane. Loving this whole new phase of internet technology. Now I am the one giving news to my parents! haha…

Alrighty y’all – enjoy meeting more of your own. I have such a long day, that I don’t even want it to start!

o btw, Happy Ugadi – happy Telugu New Year’s. Later on that tomorrow!

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  1. says: madsies

    cool about a blog on chennai 🙂 Will check that out soon.
    And yea..its ugadi today? Fine..I thot to’row…anyway i shall celebrate on both the days 🙂 happy ugadi!

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