[ξ$#&^&^%$#æΨ**$!~((*&&^^&$++]  *

* = a simmering tantrum on the verge of an eruption borrowing Calvin’s state of mind.

H : “What are you doing?”
C : “Being cool.”
H : “You look more like you’re bored.”
C : “The world bores you when you’re cool.”

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9 replies on “pout”
  1. says: Archana

    When you request fun, me always grants it :-P!
    me: innum evvalvau neram to stay at work?

    rads: 10mts [grin]

    me: adi paavi
    adhukka ippadi scene

    rads: haha
    Ta da :-P!

  2. says: rads

    Archana: LOL. I asked for entertainment, not to entertain the rest! 😛

    Kiran: yesyes, when you reach a high, only comedy allows you to stay sane 😀

  3. says: guruprasad

    does a boring world make you feel cool? or do you find the world boring when you are cool? and how do you feel when you find the world an eciting place suddenly? i wonder 😛

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