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Isn’t that pretty, attractive and just beautiful? The angles, the form and just for what the idol stands for?  Love the Nataraj form for obvious reasons.

Today is Sivaratri.

Up until a few weeks ago, if anyone had told me that March 5th is Shivratri, I would’ve done a ‘heh’ and walked on. This year’s slightly different. No, didn’t get all pious, and no it’s not a sign of age creeping up on me, [well, maybe I am going just a teeny bit soft in the head, but I’d rather go jump off a cliff than admit it!], but more because of this Sunday religious event we go to.

The daughter decided to volunteer to MC the event, and we got strapped onto the Noble King at the hip. The man hemmed and hawed and asked her to do some research and this kept going on until I decided with just a weekend in between, “mommy with the crackling whip” aka me decided it was time I took things into my hands. Up until then this Noble King was given his space and since I knew a sibling of his from another lifetime, I was keeping a respectful distance watching him pave the way. As a sudden realization that usually hit tired, busy moms on the run, I found out there was no way that was being paved! With exactly 10 days and counting, and what with school work piling and me living on the clock, I decided the whole group needed a reality check.

So the last Sunday, off I went, standing quite firmly rooted in the middle of the narrow corridor in my crisp cotton sari, and lectured to the small group – the daughter, another girl who’s older than mine but insits on behaving juvenile, and to the noble king. As he kept hearing me talk about timings, schedules, school projects, homweorks, and deadlines and fending off rapid fire questions as he’d nod and agree, his eyes got rounder, and they turned a nice shade of gray-green if I may say so. As a side note, some noble men have this sharp intelligent look in their eyes and the way they conduct themselves. This guy qualifies with flying colors. Considering he’s noble and we were in a pious setting, I kept my eyes and wandering mind in check and stayed focused. Undaunted, I stared right into his eyes and told him how time was precious and that there was so much ground to be broken into, and scripts don’t just magically get written themselves if left to just 12 year olds. An extremely hard task, but am pleased to annnounce I pulled it off. The proof lies in the amount of work that got achieved by the end of the day.

We then met a few times and exchanged bunches of emails as I’d gently prod him at appropriate times to make changes to the stories on Lord Shiva, and make them kid friendly, after I did my part. Egos needed to be stroked and accolades were handed out where due, and I played my part to the tee. The only part which initially shocked and then later amused me was that he gave me more credence and respect than I probably deserve. He’d start every mail with a namaste and tag on a Ji at the end of my name. Ive never ever been called that before. Me, a JI? That was crushing! little consolation, we conversed in English and not Hindi or Telugu, where I’d have been generously slapped with an “aaap” or a “garu” respectively.

It was weird. Like I suddenly either became a Brahmacharini, or I’d checked into an old age home. Such divine vocabulary addressed to me?!  As I reeled under the enormity of such a burden, revelation hit me. The jinx of spending too much time and email-barters with online folks. In real life [not that am not one online] I am indeed a grand mom of three

 One kid, men still treat you with a casualness, perhaps even indulge you, check you out. You are young. Just 1 kid, never mind at what age you have that kid, you are a young mom of 1. No idea ages of moms were in direct relation to their kids age, but apparently they are! The 2-kid mom. Still lookable if they manage to groom themselves, there’s a camaraderie between the men and women. It’s familiar, known territory. 2 kids are the norm. They aren’t old at all, they are very much “lookable“. Everyone has 2 kids these days and all are fair game.  

Then come the aliens. Me. Suddenly, folks are completely confused, dazed and exhibit deer-in-headlights behavior. Three. They say the word with awe, with a shock, with reverence bordering on incredulity reserved just for the mad cap scientists. They are in awe of what’s done and they value their work, but seriously to do such a thing required them to leave their mental faculties behind in the land of the forbidden or some such Timbuktu.

In any case, I mused over the man’s salutations and projected it to the tri-mom syndrome. We are Ji-worthy. I must be old, in many ways. Not wanting to destroy such beautifully crafted vision of me, I let the noble man continue. After my little admonishings last Sunday, he probably thinks worse of me, but over the week I must have made some headway, coz I got a smile, and he laughed. Laughed imagine that! Phew. Ok, am not a freak after all, I think to myself. What I concur from his expressions is going on his head is “Is this woman for real? She sure doesn’t behave like a mom of 3, and her emails, Good Lord, she talks to me like we played gilli-danda back in the galis of my town.”

The guy is confused. Mission accomplished. So much fun smashing at stereotypes.

In any case, I imagine I’ve digressed more than I should have.  

So yes, what with all the research and stuff I’ve managed to put together, I know Lord Shiva in and out. Ask me anything, really, I’d know. Oh did I mention I roped him [the noble king, not Lord Shiva] into describing the symbolic meaning of Nataraja’s form, as the girls show the mudras? I’d say he was quite taken, and a just a wee bit concerned that the girls had to stand on one foot for up until a count of 3.

We’d be okay, I assured him.

A little nagging doubt in my head, I wonder what the chances are that he’d stumble upon this post?  

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16 replies on “cosmic interference”
  1. says: terri

    I have to ask a question about Lord Shiva that’s been bothering me since I found out people pray to a certain part of his anatomy. (BTW, I found that out rather late in life, when I was in college, because the women in my family conveniently left that detail out when relating mythological stories.) Anyway, my question is: Instead of being the destroyer, shouldn’t he be revered as the creator (god of fertility)?
    If you’re not sure, can you please ask Noble King and shake him instead of stirring him?

  2. says: rads

    Terri: ROFL. Trust you to come up with this. In fact, for this very precise reason I approved on certain websites before the daughter jumped on it searching for ‘jyotirlinga’ 🙂

    I tried shaking (and stirring, what with such a reference) the King with the Draupadi-Karna angle thinking all those Bhagvad Gita classes he sits through would help me, guy came back with a “no idea on stories of mahabharata” – It took all of my reserve to not say anything I’d regret later on!

  3. says: Pavan

    wrt age, I have seen some people with a crooked sense of sarcasm by referring to seemingly young people as “ji” or “gaaru” (not that I was a victim), but chill, you are hip..

  4. Lol, I was reminded of your earlier post about your sugar deficiency issues and wondering if your lecturing last Sunday had more to do with sugar than scheduling. :p

    That’s a beautiful picture of Natarja, although a bit effeminate.

    Re. Terri’s comment – lingam-worship is more common in the South, whereas the trinity concept (creator-preserver-destroyer) is more of a Northern tradition.

  5. says: rads

    BPSK: Well, I donno, we can get high in various other ways too rt? 😛
    effeminate? :O No way! He is just perfect!

    See those 2 upper hands, Fire = destruction, and Damru = Sound of creation. Together, they represent Him as a balance.

    Pavan: Could be, this guy’s okay, nice in fact. Just extremely noble 🙂
    But thanks for callin me hip. Made my day! 😀

  6. Here in Mumbai it’s extremely fashionable among certain kind of North Indians to call their kids “aap” not withstanding the fact that the brat in question is 4 years oldand needs 10 of the best with a hairbrush.

    Conclusion: They are like that only. I’m sure they address their dogs as “aap” and “dogji”. I can imagine the lady of the house shouting out “Dog-jiiii! Aapka Khana taiyyar hai. Jaldee kha leejiegaa.”

    Subsidiary conclusion: Insufficient evidence to assume that the Noble King actually venerates you (like, sings “rads stotram” every morning or keeps rads’ photo on god’s mantap)

  7. says: rads

    Naren: LOL@subsidiary concl. Yikes@rads stotram. LOrd! 😀
    When I actually think about it, I may on second thoughts have issues with the frequency of namasteing than the Ji’s. Yea, that sounds about right. 🙂

  8. says: SK

    LOL Rads, I doubt if guys put so much thought into using Ji for anyone ;–)
    Sigh at the agin process, we aer as old as we think we are ;–)
    LOL@ terri with her question, you didnt answer her question ;–)

  9. Are you sure you checked the meaning of “digressing” correctly? Check again 🙂

    Talk of “ji”…this 12th grade kid called a whole bunch of us as “uncle” when we were at a New Year’s party. And. we were all in our engineering!!!

    Nice pic…….

  10. says: rads

    DS: You wouldn’t know the thrill of a segue do you? 😛

    hehe@uncle. You’re married, you’re an uncle. 😉

    Shreay: I hope so, but u know how the net is connected and all 😉

  11. says: a muser

    Beautiful pic! Me, I’m still not used to being called an “aunty” — the first time was before even Raina was born! I wasn’t even 30 :((

  12. That was a segue, huh?….awww, didn’t realize it 😉

    Well, I was NOT married when I was in college….PLUS, just so that you know the REAL definition….”uncle” is AFTER you have kids. Good lord, such simple definitions…how can you forget?!?!? 😉

  13. says: rads

    DS: Of course it was! That’s what happens when you stay on the Highway always, don’t recognize exciting bylanes and galis where all the action is 😛

    hehe, just so you know, despite 3 kids, I am called Aunty ONLY by little kids. So there..;)

    Muser: aw 🙂
    Well, if its any consolation, I became an “aunty” when I was 23. ..and life occasionally does go backwards. As in very few call me that now. 🙂

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