That I am.

Got sucked into ordering in lunch from a supposedly hit middle eastern sandwich/pita/gyro place in downtown along with the rest of the bunch o girls at work.

We ordered at 11.35 am.

It’s 1.22 pm.

Nothing’s here yet.

Girls are not sane anymore. Some have taken it well. Simmering in their cubes, plodding on with their work un-fazed. For the rest, our inner demons have been unmasked. The prowls have begun. The pretezel box is empty. Candy wrappers fill trash cans.

But everyone knows what happens to me once hunger pangs set in. Including the CEO. He just peeped into my cube and said loudly to no one in particular “So you haven’t yet pulled out your whip yet?” Sure, it’s funny, NOT! Especially not after not having much of a dinner last evening and a breakfast bar is all that’s pushing you along over the past 6 hours. Especially more so coz I have a gym-buddy who’s as a direct descendant of the Hitler, and has prodded me on to do 5 more minutes than my usual. I almost died on the floor.

Come back upstairs to find the darn lunches aren’t here yet.  

Biding time. Counting seconds. Dreaming of yesterday’s lunch and tonight’s dinner [what with today being husband’s birthday, the gift I’ve decided is for him to have a nice dinner. One that I did not cook] and stopping myself from screaming at everyone I see, hear or ping.

Hallelujah. It’s here. Falafel pita. Looks like it’s had a tough ride out to me. Tastes good. That’s all that matters.

Sanity prevails. Yay.

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10 replies on “cranky”
  1. says: rads

    Niyaz: hehe, profound 🙂

    Giri: Thanks! Yesterday was not my day for “food on time” – incl dinner.

    Zhu: hehe, bitchy sure is the right word. 😉

    Pavan: Now, that’s a scary thought. Visualization 😀

    SB: That’s it? 2 bagels? hmm.. hope there was something in between the 2 halves..

  2. Even worse is when you’re on a no-fat, low carb diet which involves role playing a rabbit and the scrawny, spring chicken, long-haired, droopy eyed geek you hired last week lives on an exclusive diet of fries and coke. That is when one puts aside one’s Gandhian principles and evaluates the consequences of murder by strangling his skinny neck.

    Lord, what am I saying!

  3. says: usha

    And you actually wrote these perfect sentences when your insides were being gnawed away by hunger? My post would have been like: !@#$%^&**(ffgjkkjj!@#$&***(P_GHJKL””$%&*((GKL;@$%%&*(__ ah, finally! catch you later!

  4. says: rads

    Usha: That was my instinctive intial draft, then had some green tea -helped keep the sugar levels a tad up. 🙂

    Naren: I know Naren *shock. A nice gentleman like you contemplating such ghastly acts. You need to go read the Bhagavad Gita or something! :p

    Kid: Yea, I know, along with 10% of your income 😛

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