Eating Out: On The Border {Mexican}

Ate a tasty, low carb keto friendly tex mex lunch at On The Border! It's possible to be vegetarian and enjoy good food outside if we choose wisely.

On the Border is a Tex-Mex restaurant chain in the US that serves some delicious Mexican cuisine. I love their Fajitas and the bowls and the salsa. The bowl of chips and salsa they place as soon as they seat you at the table is well, sinful. I could devour the whole bowl and not feel a twinge of guilt. Now, I don’t eat more than a chip, or two. How times change!

I do like to eat out every week, and with this self-imposed restriction, it’s quite the challenge to find a place that serves enough options for me to pick and choose what works for me. Talk about throwing a fresh new spin to the already squabbling indecisive family who take forever to start driving to one place.

Mexican and Asian places are the best, apart from regular American fare for us vegetarians and choosing the low carb/Keto lifestyle.

So, I confidently walked in and poured over the menu and of course my choices were limited as a vegetarian, and then I looked further and found this little option here:

On The Border: Border Smart Combo Keto Low Carb

Pretty cool right?

Pick 2 and they throw in the Grilled Vegetables (no to Rice or Beans ofc)

Side salad was tiny, so I chose a Tomatillo Enchilada. I knew I could remove the tortilla and just eat the spinach and mushrooms. Then I asked for a Tostada, with Guacamole, and asked for just the fixings with no shell/tortilla.

….and THIS is what I got.

My Lunch at On The Border

..and I proceeded to finish it all up. And oh, I also tasted some Jalapeno Vinaigrette that came with my daughter’s salad. Pretty yum!

That dish, if I had to eyeball would be about 400 calories since I did not eat the corn tortilla, and the carbs would be about 5-6 Net Carbs. Barely any fat tho, so it wasn’t exactly a complete meal, and right on cue I was hungry within 3 hours.

So, it’s possible to eat out with the family, just choose wisely and come home and eat some cheese 😉

Click on the pic for my Instagram post. and oh, follow the hashtag #RadsEatsOut on Instagram for the choices I try and make to stay as low carb as possible as I eat around the town.

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