is it possible to have a hangover with just one day’s revelry?

Took off work yesterday as the daughter had a dentist appointment, and a couple of other early afternoon things to run to. Hardly spent 3 hours at home between all the running around and prepping for stuff, but here I was this morning refusing to get out of bed.

One thing’s certain after all the drama and circus of recent times. I love my freedom, and being stuck in a schedule for days together drives me insane. Makes me one cranky unhappy pouting sad sack.

Patrick Henry’s lineGive me freedom, or give me death” gets personal and makes more sense than any other famous words now. (the daughter and son studying such topics helps an extent to pave new avenues for incorporating such ideals into our own sodden lives)

Even New Hampshire’s motto echoes the above with “live free or die” (not having to pay taxes in the state helps largely!).

As dramatic as it might sound, on reflection, it has been my life’s mantra as far as I can think back. The best part about all of this you ask? The husband knows it and allows it, happily, amusingly and indulgently. *sigh

I know. He is a sweetheart and am the punk. Better him than me, as he makes a better all-encompassing-dearie allowing me to do what I please! This way, everyone’s a winner, everyone’s happier!

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  1. says: booboosmamma

    I am facing this situation for the whole week, every morning i wake up and almost decide not to go to work and relax at home and again remember all the meetings i need to cancel and reschedule and all the work piled up. Today i almost went back to bed but somehow managed to drag myself into the shower. Husband has absolutely no problem if i want to stay back at home. So i have to argue with myself and again convince myself. Tough job huh.

  2. says: rads

    Daisy: aw, kiss and make up already! It’s Friday, so shut work down, pick up some yum stuff at the local cafe, drive up to husband’s work and tell the front desk that he has a delivery. 😉
    Of course am so totally not responsible if he shows up and says “what? you, oh, okay, why bother, I ate already. See u at home I have a meeting with Linda/Betty.” :-p
    *which incidentally can very well happen considering he’s a guy and most guys can’t recognize romance unless it chokes them!*

    boosMom: Yea, I suppose. But see, I don’t have such issues. I feel quite satiated already, and onec I decide something, it’s hard to shake me. I always feel there are choices. 🙂

    Lekhni: Coz it’s called weekend! 😛
    *couldn’t resist that PJ*

  3. says: Silvara

    hehehhe…that’s a good one – it’s a good motto to stand by 😀

    And awww to the hubby – although i believe he should join you in your mischief 😛

  4. says: rads

    Silvara: hehe, LOVE your icon! You ARE the devil on a spring! 😀
    re mischief, if he joins me, we’d topple over. better this way, I dance around, he balances it all 😉

    Adithya: It’s a lot of hard work dude, things like this don’t come easy on a silver platter 😛

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