Words appear out of nowhere.

I search the attic
Ah, intact.
Not dust-ridden as I expect.
Still fresh
Still filled with what they were meant.

I read them again
Unsure from memory or new
They sound wonderfully still the same.

I’d said
“I really suppose it’s just a short month but I feel like I’ve known you forever”
You laughed through your ending
You knew all along you’d sever

Am no masochist surely
I start with a smile and end with tears
I swallow and blame it on your fears.

A Hi seems petty
and oh so cheap
between two
who quit cold turkey.

An anniversary to celebrate
An aniversary to mourn
I choose to celebrate
While your shroud seems quite worn

As you read this you, am sure snicker
what a fool you must think I am,
yet please
I beg to differ
I still hold value as you must know by now
I don’t waver and I don’t flicker
Unlike you
I am no myopic either.

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