That’s how my daughter used to call a butterfly, “mommy, mommy, a fufferfly!” So yes, when I saw this on my reader, I exclaimed ‘a fufferfly’ to which the PYT across me said “huh”? I had to get into a full blown explanation of what and how a fufferfly came into existence while at the same time managing to not give my blog away.

Pleasant surprise that Dinesh awarded me this.. No, there’s no stress on any of the words in that last line. It was nice of him to do so, and thank you!

butterflyI am not sure how the name of the award came into existence, and perhaps it’s as simple as sketching a route of a delicate butterfly as it hops and skips along various scented flowers. I however, would like to think of an award such as this got created to acknowledge and merit a blog that’s grown through its lifecycle.


  • The awkward ‘oh, I write for myself, and here’s my first musings‘ stage
  • The calm ‘ooh, people are actually reading me AND commenting!” Stage


  • The exuberant ‘yay, a tag! I got tagged! w00t! In the “inner” circle baby!!” stage
  • The fawning ‘uh-uh, what do I write so others will like what I scribble‘ stage

Pupa /Chrysalis

  • The diplomatic  ‘Oh crap, now I better start watching what I write’ stage
  • The resigned ‘Oh perfect! no matter what I do/say, I will never please everyone all the time‘ stage


  • The coming of age ‘heh, I write for myself‘ stage
  • The final optional ‘okay, am done, will die here and go start afresh‘ stage

I like to savor the benefits so pardon me while I inflict on the rest of you on how best to enjoy this moment. An award apparently is best appreciated when it’s handed down, like the heirloom quilt that goes down the generations. The value of it increasing by the number of recipients it gathers, like medals and badges an army veteran wears. It is indeed debatable on where the pride is more. On the recipients or on the award itself.

Okay, alright, I guess that”s more than enough infliction for a day, so without further ado, I shall pass the baton on to a blog/blogger who has been around for a little while and has gathered enough followers who are always saying wonderful stuff and gushing with compliments! No matetr teh post! Isn’t that unbelievable? To garner such admiration, and unmistakable sure reactions in every post?

Well, that’s what happens when you are a fine cook, and a fine photographer rolled into one. The fact that she’s young, single and has a pleasing personality are little surprises. Like the time you’d be happy, when you munch into a sooji ka laddoo and discover a bite and a rush of the flavor of a lovely cashew nestled deep in the middle.

If you haven’t guessed by now, it is Priya of Akshayapaatram. Keep the spices stirring girl!

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