So how many of you have actually bonded with fellow bloggers?

Bonding as in real life bonding. As in picking up the phone, doing meetups, you know, taking the communication channels off of the net.

I’ve spoken with

Munimma – but that’s way before blogs came up. Thanks to Sulekha CH 🙂
She’s such a quiet cautious person, that I seem quite like the daredevil next to her!

Twisted-dna – he isn’t quite as twisted as he’d like to proclaim. Quite the different one from what you read, in a nice way, I think. Ok, before he uses his superpopular powers and banishes me from blogworld or something, let me write an “orkut-friendly testimonial” – he’s fun and he’s a real nice guy to talk to. 🙂

Yesterday Kuttichuvaru and me spoke – finally! after so many days of planning and well chatting. He’s so much fun and since I laugh and he laughs, we really didn’t get much conversation going. Add bad signals from Cingular and maybe we could boil the whole 45 mts to perhaps less than 15?

Madsies – well, she really doesnt count considering she’s my sister and all but still.. she’s a whole load of cackling fun, only when you can pry her away from her work and her babies! :-p

Meet? – None. Doubt I would too.

ok, your turn now 🙂

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51 replies on “hello?”
  1. says: Twisted DNA

    Haha. Damn, I am not scaring people enough on the phone! I am losing my touch 🙂

    Orkut like testimonial: “Rads is a real nice person to talk to. Easy going and fun. She laughs a lot :)”

  2. says: Broom

    Believe it or not, I just got back from dinner at a blogger friends place.

    i have a LOT of friends (& I mean friends and not acquaintances) who i met thru the blogging world.

  3. says: SK


    Some three years back, when I was into blogging neck deep, I met with a bunch of blogger friends. I was the youngest, it was a lottt of fun. :–)

    It is amazing how people online and people in real life are sooo different. :–))

    I have chatted with a lot of bloggers, talked with them too, mainly cos I was a depressed 20 yr old, and they were consoling me mostly. :–)

    Btw, I hope you know who I am. ;–)
    Thanks for the compliments in the prev post.
    And this is the longest comment I haev written in a long time. :–)

  4. says: rads

    sk – who are you?! You shouldn’t be testing my memory like this. clue me in please? pretty please? with a cherry on top? 🙂

    You say 3 yrs, am thinking Sulekha. right?

    Broom – O am sure. I had a few pals from this site called Sulekha, when the net was still the bad scary place and you had to think a zillion trimes before you gave your number out. Things are so much more better now. It seems almost ‘safe’ 🙂

    tdna – that’s mighty generous of you 🙂

  5. says: madsies

    ha! ha! Ok Rads is my sister and she is the one I look up to! and no I am not wrting any
    testimonials here 😀
    She has a nice way to write and I have no time to wirte 🙁

  6. says: Baliga

    lol.. k this may sound slightly nasty.. but i honestly dont blog to meet up. in the sense that the people in my life i meet up dont blog. and the ones who read my blog i dont know personally. somewhr down the line i like it this way. i kinda like keeping 2 worlds apart.

  7. says: rads

    baliga – lol. Keeping 2 worlds apart is an excellent idea! I did earlier and it has its own charm. 🙂
    Hey! Does that mean that you aren’t taking me shopping when I land in Madras! 😮

    Madsies – 🙂 no no, I don’t need any testimonials from you. Is that blog writing itself?

  8. says: Ok

    Well I am not comfy meeting people who read my blog. I am really different from what I am on my blog. More guy per guy;).

    And Madsies and you:). Ore konjifying. Its cute. I havent seen really old people konjifying.

  9. says: rads

    ok – OKay! Whatever you say 🙂

    It’s cute right, just like your posts on your bro and dad ;-p

  10. says: Lakshmi

    I have met a couple of bloggers in person, such as Vijay and it was great. But by and large, I am a lot different in person than in blogs (e.g. I can’t talk for nuts, but can write pages and pages of stuff), and so am very hesitant about meeting people I really like in the blog world 🙂

  11. says: kuttichuvaru

    it was nice talkin to ya tat day…. shld talk again some other time wen der r no signal issues 🙂

    i hv spoken on fone to quite a few of my blogger frenz…. also caught up with some wen I went to India….. surprised 1 blogger friend in India by callin on the bday!!

    but the most interesting aspect so far wud be running into a blogger Anand Prabhu outside Saravana Bhavan in NYC 🙂 tat was quite an experience!!

  12. says: rads

    lakshmi – is that a hint for me? Can I safely assume you don’t like me much so we can meet when I come down? 🙂

    KC – yes, we should. 🙂

  13. says: maverick

    kool kool kool, but i wonder if i’ll ever get personal with my virtual bloggers.

    I believe tht anonymity gives freedom, freedom to speak ur mind without ever worrying wat ‘others’ think of u. freedom to call it crap if ur fellow blogger has written crap. I dont think im gonna loose it 🙂

  14. says: Vijay

    Three friends from blogland. Two I’ve met twice, Lakshmi & Arunn (& little V makes it four, if we take into account an audio post that was in one of the earlier versions of nOnoscience) and Moof, who I talk to on Skype.
    I visited Lakshmi twice and though she’d like you to believe that she is untalkative / taciturn, she is anything but. And she’s a good cook. It counts for a lot when a fat guy who loves food says that 🙂

  15. says: Jolikum Salangai

    interesting post… i’ve met one fellow blogger and became good frnds with many others…. hope to meet them someday as well..afterall a friend is not always known to you… you meet them somehwere at some moment in your life..somehow…

    blogging has brought me to know many interesting people… and boy some very very interesting situations! LOL!

  16. says: rads

    JS – Love your nick. I am an anklet person for some obvious reasons 🙂
    Yes, we do make some good friends along the way 🙂

    Vijay – thanks for the insight into lakshmi 😉 Shall surely put the info to good use! 😀

    Mav – well, obviously we aren’t meeting or talking to the 1st person who you read, you’re gonna choose and you’d choose only if you like either their personality, style, writing and well, wavelengths. Right?

  17. says: Anonymous


    i disagree. only if you are truly anonymous can you do that. let’s say i dislike the fact that ms. pp (not my coinage) is the president-elect (i do); if i comment on certain blogs (i probably won’t!), i will get booted out (for sure), no kidding! similarly, try saying that ganguly is no good on the greatbong’s website (been there, done that), and let me know the reactions (i faced the music too)!

    so, you cannot really say whatever you want to say, if you leave a pointer to yourself, and expect to stick around with that identity.


    you amazed me with this one, it took me a couple of days to recover. talk about calling all fellow bloggers guilty until proven innocent!

    having said that, i would go as far to say that one would probably not become exceptionally good friends with another blogger upon meeting him/her.

    speaking for myself, considering that i have trolled around the internet for nearly two decades now, i can say that i’ve had good and bad experiences (ok, blogs have only been a recent 21st century phenomenon, but internet has been around much longer, remember?).

    – s.b.

  18. says: Munimma

    cautious, may be, but quiet? 🙂
    I sometimes think I am turning into a screaming banshee ;-P

    Who knows, we might meet yet!

  19. says: rads

    muni – 😀
    Now that I think about it, I am pretty sure we would, and looking forward to it too 🙂

    sb – what did I do? :O

    Being friends has no relevance whatsoever to meeting or not. Just coz I meet a blogger doesn’t mean we’d be BFF or vice versa! :))
    What’s a little bad when there’s so much good eh? 😉

  20. says: Anonymous


    you said “Meet? – None. Doubt I would too.”

    what’s wrong with meeting someone you have communicated with over the internet? it is not like you are meeting someone in a dark alley!

    anyway, yesterday my son ate my dal-fry and apparently (i say apparently because i was somewhere else at that time) commented that it tasted just like taco bell food [coming from him, that is a compliment indeed]. so, forget north vs. south indian, i use indian spices to cook up mexican cuisine! 😉

    – s.b.

  21. says: rads

    sb – ah no no. I should’ve elaborated. Not that I purposefully plan to NOT meet anyone, just didn’t see it happening for practical reasons in the near future thatsall. 🙂

    I’d love to meet a couple of them actually 🙂
    You didn’t say – have you met/spoken?

    pilgrim – Thanks.
    Itna bhi panga mat maro. Thoda hans bhi do. :-p

  22. says: maverick

    @rads: right, but again after every person u meet, ur degree of freedom becomes one less.u might not be able to write or comment anything thts too offensive to him.

    @sb: there’s a difference between voicing ur opinions and getting thrown out for voicing ur opinions.Im saying being anonymous gives u d strength to voice ur opinions at d first place.

    Being anonymous, u dont have to live up with an image or expectations.u can be wat u want to be n not wat u are.for say if u r a girl n think tht pre-marital sex is completely ok. in how many blogs wud u be able to comment tht had u retained ur original identity.isnt there tht awkward feeling when ur uncle reads abt it? if u are a ‘cute girl’ with an avatar, there’d be nothing tht wud stop u frm saying this.u might be ultimately thrown out of conservative blogs but hey u said it !

    I had made a whole post out of it here.

    PS:the above situation is referred to not so urban, not so hep india.

  23. says: rads

    @rads: right, but again after every person u meet, ur degree of freedom becomes one less.u might not be able to write or comment anything thts too offensive to him.

    see now you’re approaching this with the focus on wanting to be offensive. That doesn’t seem right from where I stand. Perhaps you talk about about frankness?
    hey, we’re adults, you think we can’t handle a little discordancy without being civil AND not affecting other thought processes and lives?

    I can’t answer for all, but I am pretty much what you see out here, and just coz I am a ‘rads’ doesn’t mean I can be unduly curt or frank than I would be off the blogs.
    You see what I mean? 🙂

    boy, this post is getting to be fun! 😀

  24. says: The Pilgrim

    Is it “itna panga bhi maro” or are you actually saying “itna bhav mat khao”.

    Anyways, see ur so demanding when I have not met you, “Abhi hans bhi do”. Milne ka baad ……..

  25. says: maverick

    yeah I do

    hey, we’re adults, you think we can’t handle a little discordancy without being civil AND not affecting other thought processes and lives?

    we surely can handle discordancy, but dont u think we can handle it better with strangers than with friends? Well if u do handle them equally , then may be its person to person dependant. For myself , I’d rather loose the argument with my friend if its turning out to be awkward but i’d never do tht with a stranger.

    n ha! am i the only one who’s more myself in blogs than in real life 🙁

  26. says: Anonymous


    “sb – ah no no. I should’ve elaborated. Not that I purposefully plan to NOT meet anyone, just didn’t see it happening for practical reasons in the near future thatsall. :)”

    that’s much better :-). anyway, please give advance warning if you plan to visit “the mice,” so i can arrange to run away from town :-).


    some friends and i had a good discussion on anonymity too :-).

    “Being anonymous, u dont have to live up with an image or expectations.u can be wat u want to be n not wat u are.”

    would you consider yourself (“maverick”) as anonymous? how about me (“s.b.”)?

    – s.b.

  27. says: rads

    sb – glad that cleared things up 🙂 Going around suspecting my ‘niceness’ was so not fun! 😉 The Mice shall be visited next Fall. Is a year good enough for the piper? 🙂

    maverick – I don’t care much for arguments with strangers. Serious. I don’t need to prove myself or my thoughts – I’d do that only with people whom I care. Playing devil’s advocate is not my kind of fun – on blogs. Time’s a-precious 😉
    am i the only one who’s more myself in blogs than in real life 🙁
    Nope, there are tons. For me it’s painful to have the 2 identities split. Did it a few yrs back with painful results. So not worth it.

    pilgrim – same difference punditji! 🙂
    Milna? hmm.. dekhengey. 🙂

  28. says: The Pilgrim

    I made the observation made on the basis of “…Meet? – None. Doubt I would too. …” 😛

  29. says: Anonymous


    i have this suspicion that pilgrim is my long lost twin, separated at birth (or is he just my echo)? 😉

    – s.b.

  30. says: rads

    sb, pilgrim – Both of you love playing the devil’s advocate don’t you? 🙂

    Each of you can infer whatever :p

  31. says: The Pilgrim


    In Hindi film ishtyle, and totally melodramatic, “Kahan chale gaaye the bhaiyaa, narak (since we are devil’s advocate) se kahan bichad gaaye the. Dekh tere haath mein jo nishan hai, tujhe kuch yaad dilate hai.!”

    Aaj mile hai, karan aur arjun. HUm dikha denge … Rads ko 🙂

  32. says: Dushti

    I tried hard to do the anonymous blogging. But lot of people know me now !

    Btw, blog bonding does sound like fun 🙂

  33. says: Anonymous


    aaj main vo gaanaa gaaoongaa, jise is duniyaa men sirf do log jaante hain – ek main (urf “devil”) aur doosraa meraa bichhdaa bhaai (urf “advocate”) ;-).

    yaadon kee baaraat …

    – s.b.

  34. says: leoNYdas

    Interesting comments. I got to agree with Baliga, no matter how rude it might sound. I don’t blog to meet people and I like to keep the two worlds apart.

  35. says: rads

    leo – I don’t get it. There’s really nothing rude about what and how you and Baliga feel. That’s your opinion. In case you feel it’s rude coz I blog to meet people, please don’t coz that’s truly not on my agenda.
    It’s usually the other way around – you blog and may decide to meet people, you don’t blog to meet people. Can’t talk for everyone reading, but just for me. 🙂

    pilgrim & sb – arey yaar, gana shuru karke mera blog ko purane cinema ka mehfil bana dee! wah wah, chal kuchh tho entertainment mil raha hai duniya walon ko :-p

    dushti – haha, having a link on your profile sorta defeats the purpose ;-p
    I did it too.. so no worries. 🙂

  36. says: Twilight Fairy

    Oh I have more friends than ever from my blog.. more than the real friends I had made in the pre blog era.. I can call several of them close friends.. I dont think of them as bloggers or ppl I met thru my blog , anymore.

    and regarding meets – I have been organising delhi blogger meets since 3.5 years now :)..

    I really have no count of how many bloggers I have my communication channels with, off the blog :p :).. loads and loads.

  37. says: Metlin

    I used to be fairly active on the local LUG back in Madras, and used to updated my website back when blogging wasn’t “fashionable”.

    So, yes, I’ve met several people I’d only known online.

    These days, it doesn’t seem to be happening much, and I am not as active online as I used to be (mostly due to the signal:noise ratio that’s gone down to hell). Ah, well.

  38. says: Anonymous


    if you fiddled around with a sw radio trying to get bbc in india or air in the usa, you would be able to ferret out a signal in spite of immense noise!

    anyways, i found two nice travel narrations in the last two days:

    yosemite’s half dome by archana
    new mexico by karthik

    yenjoy, or be horrified!

    bottom line – when you climb mountains or even hike, be prepared!!

    – s.b.

  39. says: rads

    sb – metlin’s a pro alright. You should read more of his trips and this particular one you linked shook me up when I read it first. btw, were the links for me? 🙂

    metlin – it’s always the good old day eh? 🙂

    tfairy – thats awesome. Youre quite the PR person eh? Sounds like fun! Maybe I should mail you when I come down to Delhi 😉

  40. says: leoNYdas

    Whoa, hold on.. you got me all wrong. I meant my comment might sound rude. Its definitely not what you feel or what you do.

  41. says: Anonymous


    “btw, were the links for me? :)”

    kinda sorta. because i usually comment most on terri’s (who does not have a blogroll), i have lost the habit of looking at blogrolls – arrgghh! oh well, would’t hurt a re-read i guess :-).

    btw, we are almost approaching a half century of comments here, and you were “rebuking/castigating” lurkers not so long ago! even terri does not approach the half-century mark that i recall and neither, for the most part, does alpha … greatbong is greatbong – if just the people who comment there voted, he would sweep all blogging awards.

    – s.b.

  42. says: Metlin

    Oh, indeed. I do not doubt that I could find signal if I went looking for it, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth the effort (and other times, it does).

    It was rather interesting to read Archana’s narrative, quite interesting I must say.

    Bottom line – things may go wrong anywhere, anytime.

  43. says: rads

    Metlin – Amen to things may go wrong anywhere. In my case, I attract the law even when I am doing a harmless thing as driving on the highway! 😀

    SB – o ofcrse, and I did read them both again! 😀 The 1st time I read Metlin’s I didn’t know him much, now he’s a friend, and the difference matters.
    You are quite the blog-connector aren’t you? Nice 🙂

    lol@rebuking/castigating – those are harsh words!! 🙂
    Hunbled that you’d even quote me in the same sentence as Terri and Alpha!

    Terri is an amazing writer. She strikes a chord in me with her English and wit. It’s even more amazing that she visits/reads me!
    Would you believe me if I told you I heard of greatBong only recently? I looked him up, and well, he’s okay. I mean, language good, expression good, but nothing that tickles my fancy. That means nothing in the grand scheme of things, but the main difference lies in how each views blogging.
    I write coz I can, and want to. No huge ambitions on popularity. Just hvaing all you fine people to interact with is reward enough.

    Wait, this comment’s getting way too long, let me stop. If I can will spin a post off on this. Maybe I will hit a 50 on that? ;-p

  44. says: rads

    lol terri – Quit embarrassing me!! 🙂
    ..and since you claimed the 50th comment, maybe I should throw a fiesta or something here! ;-p

    Lakshmi – Am pretty sure you aren’t. 🙂

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