on lazy gmail, and my pet peeve…


You see a double post for Diwali 06? That’s entirely gmail’s fault. I had sent the latter one with no image via email, and decided I’d just attach the photobucket link once it’s loaded onto blogspot. So I mail it out, come back after lunch,. and see it ain’t there! So, I decide to login, and create a new post and pasted the whole ‘diwali – then and now’ into the dashboard, added the picture link, and went off home happy that the deed has been done. Login this morning to see a double post?!

argh, gmail is slow, that’s sorta not happened before, definitely not for its own…. right?


Am bugged that despite me correcting the spelling of “deepavali” in telugu, the admin, the president, still choose to continue to call it “dHHeepavali” – call me picky, but I expect a little more authenticity from an Association that bases itself on the fact that they are Telugus and are tom-toming their culture or rather the lack of it into the 21st century. I am gonna have a word tonight with the President!
If I, trust me I can correct their telugu, their system is completely screwed up.

Pardon my French, these tiny things upset me.


Ive cooked so much, i hardly feel like tasting any. 🙁 Downside of cooking in large quantities.. you are so sick of it, you don’t want to look at food for the next 24 hours.

I am mailing in this post at 2.00 pm Saturday afternoon – Oct 21st. EST. Maybe gmail is still lethargic, or is back uppity up,  who knows?

Blogrolling is definitely out of its mind.

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10 replies on “on lazy gmail, and my pet peeve…”
  1. says: Metlin

    Well, it took about five minutes to get up here. Not bad! And I was here on your blog a minute later, and commenting two later! 🙂

  2. says: rads

    haha 🙂

    So let’s just say gmail has a mind of its own and leave it at that! 😉

    Any luck with sparklers of any kind?

  3. says: mommyof2

    you are right about cooking & not tasting… I always have to find a “bakra”(hubby) to taste the food:-)

  4. says: Metlin

    It could be blogger, you know? (posted a comment that’s yet to show up)

    And no, no sparklers – but I did go climbing again (see my blog!) and had some good Indian food.

  5. says: Twisted DNA

    It is unforgivable for an organization that wants to spread Telugu culture to misspell dIpAvaLi. I think it is one of the most misspelled festivals. It actually irks me when some Indian cultures have no respect for Sanskrit spelling.

    I realized two things from your post. 1. You are in DC. 2. You cook. 3. You feed people. Information I could make use of when I am in the DC area 😉

  6. says: Appu

    i go the login to blogspot and do my stuff route. anyways i am not that tech savvy. that i am doing so much on the net is in itself a surprise to M

  7. says: rads

    metlin. – climbing:metlin :: fireworks:me :))
    *don’t ask*

    dna – haha, sure, no secret there!
    You are more than welcome except that I have to mention my all-time fav quote – “thinevalla adrushtam” – It’s the luck of the draw on how your tastebuds may [or many not] enjoy my culinary skills ;-))

    appu – nowadays it’s just plain easy to do anything on the net. It’s all good. 🙂

  8. says: Life Lover

    I totally relate to that ‘cooking too much resulting in that not wanting to eat all that stuff’ feeling. Sometimes I think that the best way to lose weight for me would be to keep cooking the whole day! 🙂

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