potpourri 12

Lots going on, as always and so many things to record, so many more things to do, ones that need immediate attention, and ones that have been waiting patiently:

  • Son turned 13 over the weekend and now am officially a mom of two teenagers and one toddler (is a 5 year who thinks she’s a teenager still called a toddler?)
  • Never seen the son so excited about a birthday. Guy’s planned it out to the tee with the help of his sister and we have been asked to provide food and shelter for the loud 13 year old guests. Manage-able is what I think.
  • I became an aunt again! My niece appeared over the week after much apprehension and now I can’t wait to see her. Thanksgiving would have been a good time to visit, but driving along the interstate on a long weekend has never been a favorite, so maybe we won’t. A tad disappointing.
  • It’s heartening to see the daughter get into the spirit of “track”. Conditioning, and sprints, workouts and abs training, – everyday, a part of the routine to build stamina, energy and spirit. A decision am glad I nudged her into and something she’s warming up to – a lifestyle sport – that’s what I’d like to call it.
  • Days are running into weeks, and the year is slowly coming to an end. So many little clips fly past within earshot. Vacations are being planned, flights are being booked, the mood is setting in, and there is an apprehension in the air. One that I always face, what with not knowing what to do with ourselves.
  • Am hoping to stick to the gym again. Winter somehow seems to motivate me more than the nicer weather of summer/fall. It’s cold, dreary and dark, yet, I’ve managed to haul myself despite the tight evening schedules. I’ll see how long I last.
  • The to-do list is growing too long. So long, that I threw one away and started afresh, hoping I’d be able to cut back some of them or better yet, forget them, but the sneaky things crept back right in!
  • I so badly wanted to take my camera and get some fall shots, but the one weekend I could, it was raining and cold, and the next day the leaves turned brown. Disappointing, now I need to go find some winter shots. Hope it rains ice this winter! Oh okay, at least once? So I can get those stalagmites. stalactites!
  • Was planning on doing a photo calendar as gifts for family. Any good recommendations?
  • Why doesn’t it ever feel good no matter what decision one takes with respect to work-life balance? As much peace as I make with it, there’s always a pang, a shortcoming, a feeling of unfairness. As a friend humorously put it “we are never really happy in whatever situation we are put in. maybe that’s what keeps us going?” I agree.
  • I feel lackadaisical. Maybe it’s the winter blues. Which also explains why am sleeping a lot. Hibernation.
  • When you leave a voice message (which I rarely do), what do you expect the person to do? Call back? Without listening, or after listening. Write or text back saying – okay, got it, bla bla, and then some kind of action, or reaction based on the voice message? Ever heard of “I heard your voice message. It’s nice.” ? Yeah, I got that. Nice? Really?! Made me wonder if I unwittingly sang a song or something? In a way am flattered, maybe my voice does sound melodious after all! ;-)..and o, am still waiting for the call back. Something tells me it ain’t happening any time soon.
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6 replies on “potpourri 12”
  1. says: Praveen

    Hibernation. hmm I got that.
    Beleive it or not, I have got that kind of reponse for my voice messages too!

    1. says: rads

      Yep! Fixed it. I always mix ’em up, despite the guide at Luray Caverns giving an easy way of remembering.

      StalagMITE is the ones that form bottom up, so one day they MIGHT reach the roof.

      StalacTITE is the one that forms from the roof, as they are holding on TIGHT from above.

      I thought that was neat. 🙂

      1. says: Reader

        Another way of remmebering that- Since Stala’C’tites have a ‘C’ they come from the ‘C’eiling and Stala’G’mites, come from the ‘G’round. I remmember this from geography class in school.

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