potpourri – 2

Another potpourri

1. American Idol was fun yesterday. JLo was a pleasant surprise. I actually liked her! The best guys were the last 3 – Blake, Jordin and Sanjaya. They were good! These days we are forced to watch it as the kids feel they need to be tuned in to who’s the loser and who acted like a dork on AI, as apparently that’s what pre-teens talk about. All the time. During recess, bus rides, hushes between classes, and I suppose whenever they get a moment. So since my two needed to be gelling with the rest, we sit through it. Let me tell you, this season is terrible. The 1st couple produced some awesome singers. Ruben and Clay’s was the best – according to me.

Jordin is a strong contender for AI and I wish she does make it. Melinda and Lakisha have no stage charisma – which I think makes quite a contribution to Idol rankings. Have you noticed how Sanjaya is amazingly sexy-comfortable in front of the camera. The way he bores into your eyes through the lens, smiles like he knows your little secret and well… it’s almost like he’s making love to it!

2. Does being a busy mom exempt you from phone etiquette? Hey, am one too you know! A preview –

Her – bla bla bla bla
Me -yak yak yak yak
Her – bla bla …
Me – “hangon a sec – “the hilighter is where it’s supposed to be – on the desk!” – ok back sorry, you were saying…”
Her – yak yak yak yak
Me – bla bla bla bla
Her – simultaenously speaking to someone else there “yes yes, am cooking dinner
Me – bla bla so what do u think?
Her – eh? what did you say? [no apology in sight! ]

Me – ?!!??

I have no qualms when you can’t give me 2 minutes of your attantion while I talk with you, you’re busy, and I understand if it’s not a good time. All is ask is “why don’t you bloody well hang up and call me when you have a moment?” That’s plain rudeness and it’s well, crappy! My time is important to me, and I do not take kindly to folks who waste it.

3. After so much of noise on Koffee with Karan – I decided to watch a couple of epidsodes, something I won’t ever do again.

It’s bad. So bad that I was in a state of shock and couldn’t hold the remote and slam it on him. His guests – Arjun Rampal who is elegance and class personified – Priyanka Chopra came close, Kajol – onmygod, what a shocker she was, Amitabh was dignified, SRK – pretentious as usual, Abhishek – wht the hell was he thinking? – was all I could take of.
Specially talking about Kajol – she’s been my fav actress for a while – felt she had the maturity and calmness to ride through the shallowness of the industry – but she was convincing AB that she felt he was good in Black and she kept repeating herself!?! Like really AB needed her to endorse him. Flipping her hair and giggling – she was worse than Aish on Letterman.
For all the time they spend in front of the camera, they sure needed some serious toastmaster sessions!

4. Enjoying staying home the last few days before I hit the roads next week on. I don’t know what’s worse – waking up at 5.30 am or driving 45 minutes…

5. There’s a lot of pride in achieving goals on your own.

6. Taxes. I hate them, no wait, I don’t mind paying taxes, I just hate doing them!

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10 replies on “potpourri – 2”
  1. says: The Pilgrim

    A day away from your blog and multiple posts!

    Btw, your phone conversation, I think you lost her when you said hang on a second.

  2. says: Usha

    I did not see Kajol with AB but I saw her with SRK and Rani and she acted totally immature and hyper. She used to be my favorite actress too.
    I stopped watching KWK after this episode but I just saw the preview of this sunday’s with Jaya and Hema and jaya crooning about how much she lurrves Aishwarya and how when Amitji looks at her it is like shweta has come home. Now I cannot miss this.
    Speaking of shows with letterman did you see the one with Will Smith? That was some show!

  3. says: Terri

    #4. What’s worse?
    Waking at 4:45 a.m. to drive an hour to work.

    Sitting at your desk pretending to work when you’d rather lie in a hammock and take a power nap.

    Not being able to hit the sack before 10:45 p.m. despite your best intentions.

    Repeating the cycle the next day for the rest of the week.

    Are you going to be gainfully employed again? You have my sympathies.

  4. says: Orchid

    :)…Agree with your take on AI contestants.
    ….agree with your take on Koffeewith Karan
    ….agree with your take on phone ettiquette
    what else??…i guess i prett much agree with everything in this post 🙂

  5. says: KiwiLax

    Rads: Thanks for disabusing me of some of my idiotic notions. Here was thinking KK is the best thing after sliced bread. Now I know what I am missing – nothing;-)

    As for the telecon, agree completely with you, as I too have in the past been guilty of doing the same thing, but reworked my strategy after that;-)

    How goes it with you otherwise?

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