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So I chanced upon this being shared on Facebook, a few times now over the past week, and well, makes a whole load of sense doesn’t it?


how we evolved

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We all walk away. From frustrations, silences, from unanswered questions, from questions with no answer or solution and from ones that leave you restless and uncomfortable and disturbed, among other lesser emotions.

Not at peace.

The premise of most man-woman arguments and a few of the same sex too, but mostly when one of them is uncomfortable with the truth. ..and as an extension, each of us are changed, ever so slightly. That slight change brings about a whole new perspective. Via thought, action and then the consequent reaction and acceptance of the new perception.

It’s fascinating when you think about it. All change happens because we are not content or happy with status quo. Maybe this is the answer to most of the questions that do not have visible clear answers that most of us are searching for.

What do you think?


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4 replies on “walk away”
  1. says: LG

    Corollary: If all of us embraced discontent and caused change, there would be no diversity – some of us must remain in the water. Says woman who abhors change of any kind.

  2. says: Apar

    I sometimes think I must have walked away a lot earlier from situations at various points in life. & sometimes wish I had waited. Had I done that, impact of those changes would have been drastically different. Change happens that is it whether you walk away or not. If one knew what was in store exactly ….. Well sigh 🙂

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