week 5 weigh-in


Okay, so no big shakes here as far as weight’s concerned. It’s actually a miracle that I didn’t peak back up considering I’ve moused on some cheesecake and other similarly fattening goodies over the last few days. The inch tape tells me I’ve lost 1/2 an inch. Not exactly the place I’d like to lose, but who am I to guide stuff around? It’s my body, but the mind is just a casual observer as it gets yanked around correct? 

I went for a grand total of 2 days to the gym. Doing the weights and then the biking’s leaving me half dead on the floor. The last two days have been spent doing some hard floor-stamping dance steps. Was sweating buckets (which is fantastic and my heart’s singing in some nice ragams), but there’s always a flip side to the aerobics. 

The knee has been steadily bloating. Currently it looks like I have a goiter that’s lost and slipped down. It hurts bloody hell too. I also remarked to the family in general that I think my leg knee down has become crooked. They all looked at it from various angles and the husband suggested I go check my eyes as I may have some marked astigmatism. Well, if I did, I’d be seeing even traffic poles crooked now won’t I? They seem to stand tall and straight to me. 

I should take a picture of me stretched out and then draw simple straight lines on Paint. That would  show them all. 

In any case, the useless year that ’08 has been is coming to an end. Finally. Hope all of you will have a fun new start, as I limp myself into a corner and wait and hope that ’09 wouldn’t suck as much. 

Apologise for the tone, but not feeling particularly cheery. Though I really am (if I can forget my self-pitying flagellation for a moment), a dear friend just told me she got engaged, and I choked back happy tears and hugged her (on chat) on hearing it. She’s one heck of an awesome woman and I wish her the very best going forward.


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9 replies on “week 5 weigh-in”
  1. says: gauri

    That’s a lot better than x-2.4, no? Good to have a cheesecake here and a chocolate there. You do too much Sanyasi-giri, you’ll have this mega-craving one day and finish an entire box of creamy calories in minutes. Then it’ll be x+4.2


  2. says: rads

    gauri: Sanyas-giri? Me? acho. I wish! I am happily eating all that’s being served in front of me. Me not losing any more baggage is purely coz all those fat cells are out for blood! 🙂

    Nandini: You too girl! Pounds I hope right? 🙂

    Adithya: I don’t have a frikkin’ clue. I mean, really, I am not stingy when it comes to food at all. All this drama was for this upcoming thingy. Even still, idea was to just to tone things down a bit, not do anything drastic. I sure don’t want to look like a starving stick! 🙂

  3. says: mlc

    In the new yr, i’d like to wish tt u heal 100% w/ yr knee & get to lose more lbs but if i hv to choose only 1 wish, i’d go w/ the frmr! .. being healthy & fit is much more important than being thin, no?

    happy 2009!

  4. says: chronicworrier

    Happy new year, Rads! Tomorrow’s a new day, and there’s at least half a dozen ‘new’ days (Chinese new year’s just around the corner 😉 to be enjoyed in 2009!

  5. says: rads

    CW: LOL. Frankly, there’s no dearth of holidays, each day is some “day” in some culture 😀
    You too girl! Happy 2009 🙂

    mlc: Thank you for your thoughts and wishes. Yes, you are right. Ultimately health is the only thing that matters. Wishing you a wonderful new year as well 🙂

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