Menu Plans: Vegetarian Keto and Low Carb {January}

Menu Plan Keto vegetarian january 14

Am on Instagram and getting a message or two pretty much every week for help and tips and what to eat and some just ask for menu plans direct while following this way of eating (woe) or diet.

Keto diet is baffling from “what to eat” concept. It challenges years of conditioned way of eating. The foods that we eat at certain times of the day (and especially more so in the Indian cuisine) is pretty set and it takes concentrated effort to snap out of the regulated BREAKFAST, LUNCH,and DINNER and think of INGESTION and NUTRITION as 


Keto is based on a concept that you eat when you are hungry. So, I’ve eaten omelets for dinner and Ive had coconut soup for breakfast and Cauliflower vegetable fry for brunch. It’s all good. There is hunger and then there is food.

I didn’t magically get there from Day 1 though, it’s a definite learned skill and thought process and that’s what works for me. I like to keep things simple and removing the constraint of thinking food in terms of WHEN you could eat them helped me.

Another fabulous realization I’ve had about low-carb or Keto lifestyle is that cooking is SO SIMPLE, and FAST, and EASY and No FUSS! Absolutely. You’ll actually be wondering what to do with all the free time you suddenly have! (I don’t have such luck, coz I cook regular fare for the family, but you’ll see it’s true!)

One more (last one I promise if you insist) fantastic thing is that you also eat less. So, leftover palooza is a great bonus! 🙂 That further reduces your time in kitchen! 


This takes some time and effort to put together, and a simple internet search does ive you plenty options, but since we do need plenty of certain food items, doing targeted grocery runs will help. I used to Keto Grocery shop one day and then go another day for regular stuff. My head was a mess trying to do both at the same time when I started this in April 2016. Am better now, but it doesn’t hurt to split your grocery trips.

I am not promising menu plans on a weekly basis, but I’ll aim to do a few different ones so you could make your own and pick and choose based on your dietary preferences. I know many who don’t eat egg being a vegetarian and that’s a challenge coz your protein levels are important, but it is possible, and I’ll put something out next.

My diet boundaries:

I am a vegetarian (I don’t eat anything that once moved, physically) and I eat eggs. So, my foods will have some eggs in it. I eat them only scrambled or in omelets (not boiled or sunny side up etc)

Here is a January Menu Plan that uses Eggs.  (Will do a Non-Egg one next)

DISCLAIMER: You are on your own regarding macros and calories. This is just an easy guideline to tackle the “what to eat?” whenever we get hungry!

Menu Plan keto vegetarian rads tunnelingthru grocery

and here’s the grocery list for the above menu:

Menu Plan keto vegetarian rads tunnelingthru grocery

Download the January 14th Menu Plan and PDF here

I have a space just for Keto stuff – VegKetoByRads – but I will have to move out of that space soon, and will be adding them all on here, but until there, you can always check there.

I will be posting pictures and recipes (or links to recipes) on my Instagram, so follow me there if you’d like, or just scroll down to see the widget and click on the link there. Also, don’t forget to check Instagram Stories – coz well, it’s fun and food related and all else I do with my day and is easier to show how to put food together there. 🙂

Hope this helps! Please comment here or let me know on Instagram or Twitter, coz If you tell me you find value in what I put out, you benefit, coz I can continue to put out more value, and share and also learn from you in the process. See, how it all works in the grand scheme of life?

May the Keto-Force be with you! 😉

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  1. says: Sweta Sonulkar

    can u post the macros for all the recipes,i am too vegetarian in terms of cups servings because i dont get the grams or oz nor i have time to scale every food item

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