I write.

I have written voraciously over many years. Of late, I’ve become more focused and specific about what and where I write. I have won awards in writing competitions over the past years and am proud of how far I’ve come. I enjoy the thrill of putting thoughts and emotions into words.

My words can be found on Women’s Web, Toastmaster International, Opticians Guild, DC Careers and more. I believe in raising the bar everywhere I go. Searching and ensuring quality and equality and challenging the norm in every space I venture into drives me out of bed every morning.

I love collaborating with women to raise this bar and I use the words I write to shine the light

Below are all the posts from this blog.

Sari For Education

Sari For Education


#SariForEducation  Hashtag supported fundraiser by women who love wearing the sari. Shooting off of the #100sareepact, this is an initiative to help and empower and…


My New Ms.Chutzpah


After lots of reading and tweaking and messing and swiping of the credit card and many hours of writing later, here is what I…

On The Power Of The Ask


Why we must ask, and what happens if we do not. Breaking through years of conditioning on Not asking, and the pitfalls of being…

A New Her Story: Jackie


There’s a new Monday post up on my So, What’s Her Story blog. Go check it out? Artful awakenings. Wishful paintings, therapy and growth….