I write.

I have written voraciously over many years. Of late, I’ve become more focused and specific about what and where I write. I have won awards in writing competitions over the past years and am proud of how far I’ve come. I enjoy the thrill of putting thoughts and emotions into words.

My words can be found on Women’s Web, Toastmaster International, Opticians Guild, DC Careers and more. I believe in raising the bar everywhere I go. Searching and ensuring quality and equality and challenging the norm in every space I venture into drives me out of bed every morning.

I love collaborating with women to raise this bar and I use the words I write to shine the light

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is it just me


or does anyone else feel it’s a travesty to be bound down to a 9-5 job? I mean, look at the good valuable precious…

Diwali 06


Happy Deepavali everyone! a then and now scenario Then – A week before the day the streets are full of tiny stalls, selling fireworks…

Tag 1 – power of 3


Courtesy – artnavy 3 Smells I love: 1. Fresh Bread 2. New babies – actually more like up until they are toddlers esp after…



under work, kids school, and some unsavory characters who are sapping my energy like heartless leeches. Need to squish them, so donning my war…

mantra of my life..


these days “do you have to go potty?” “pee-pee coming?” “where do you go if pee-pee is coming?” “are you a big girl?” “big…

what a morning?!


Reasons for the title, not in any particular order – 1. Woke up at 7.45am 2. burnt a pot of pasta, and had to…